Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Startup Investment Fund invests in SuperGaming

Bandai Namco invests in SuperGaming and DeepMotion!

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. announced today that their “Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund,” which invests in startups to develop new entertainment and expand their “IP (characters and other intellectual properties) Metaverse,” has chosen to invest in DeepMotion Inc (“DeepMotion”), based in the United States, and SuperGaming, based in India.

Bandai Namco aims to expand their business and create new entertainment experiences via the investments

Under the Bandai Namco Group’s purpose of “Fun for All into the Future” and their vision of “Connect with Fans” for the mid-term plan (April 2022 – March 2025), they will develop new methods of connecting with the fans to leverage their intellectual properties. Bandai Namco will cultivate long-lasting relationships with their partners, Group employees, societies, and IP fans all over the world.

Bandai Namco invests DeepMotion SuperGaming
Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment

DeepMotion is a SaaS business that offers its motion generation services. In addition, it is a development company with a proven track record in the development of AI-based automatic motion recognition technology. Bandai Namco hopes to use DeepMotion’s technology and knowledge of AI-based motion generation through this investment to develop novel motion-based entertainment experiences.

Supergaming google cloud collaboration
Image via SuperGaming

SuperGaming creates, distributes, and provides its game development engine platform. Additionally, it creates and publishes mobile game apps, primarily for the Indian market. By fusing their knowledge of IPs with a better comprehension of the Asian market, which is anticipated to continue expanding, Bandai Namco will try to develop their company through this investment.

To support their gaming business and bring new forms of entertainment to the public, Bandai Namoc will keep making investments in outstanding companies all over the globe.

What are your thoughts as Bandai Namco invests in DeepMotion and SuperGaming? Let us know in the comment section below!

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