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Bandai Namco to shut down the game servers of Tales of Crestoria from February 2022

Lots of bugs and poor reception bring the game down!

Bad news for players in Tales of Crestoria as Bandai Namco announced that the game servers would be shut down from the 6th of February, 2022, effectively ending the game’s lifespan. The announcement came on the game’s official Twitter handle, as well as the official website. Read on to know more about what led to this drastic decision.

The game had received mixed reception from players

Tales of Crestoria was a brand-new game in the Tales series, set in the Tales universe. The game was branded as an anime RPG, released in the year 2020. It featured a mix of classic JRPG turn-based elements, as well as a dramatic storyline set in the Tales universe. The game featured an array of different characters and also encouraged the players to explore the fictional world of Crestoria. Powered by a highly compelling story and a stunning cast of voice actors, the game was expected to be a remarkable hit, especially given the popularity of the manga it is based on.

However, the hype for the game quickly began to sour post-launch. The game was marred by several bugs and crashes, leading some to call the game “Tales of Crashtoria” instead. One of the most jarring bugs was the fact that the chat system in-game didn’t work for several users. Users also reportedly complained about the game depleting far more battery from the devices than normal.

Bandai Namco decides to shut down Tales of Crestoria

The criticisms did not stop there, however. Fans and players of the game also reported that the characters in the game were unbalanced. Certain characters were too overpowered and others remained to be underpowered. Fans also complained that the developers did not take feedback into account and never really fixed any of the grievances faced by the players.

Considering all this, it is no surprise that Bandai Namco has decided to pull the plug on one of their marquee titles on mobile. Tales of Crestoria certainly had potential, with a captivating storyline and gorgeous animations but it seems like it will now go down the path of being a forgotten title.

What are your thoughts on Bandai Namco deciding to shut down the game servers for Tales of Crestoria from February 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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