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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) x Dragon Ball Super collaboration brings new modes, items, and more

One of the most significant partnerships in BGMI’s history!

KRAFTON has revealed a significant collaboration with Dragon Ball Super for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the highly popular battle royale game in India. This partnership introduces an exceptional gameplay transformation in BGMI, starting from version 2.7 launched today. Including fresh modes, items, vehicles, areas, and more inspired by Dragon Ball Super, this marks a noteworthy alliance within the history of BGMI.

BGMI introduces two exciting new Dragon Ball Super modes

BGMI’s new 2.7 Update available to users now will feature two exciting new Dragon Ball Super modes:

Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode

The initial of the two groundbreaking modes in Dragon Ball Super will be accessible within the game starting today until October 9th, 2023. This mode will incorporate distinctive Dragon Ball elements into the familiar battle royale gameplay of classic BGMI. Within this mode, gaming enthusiasts will have the opportunity to amass seven Dragon Balls, which can then be utilized to summon Shenron. This powerful dragon can grant in-game enhancements when invoked at the Shenron Summoning Altar.

In the course of this mode, participants will come across four fresh Dragon Ball Super zones situated in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok. These areas have been meticulously designed to emulate settings and architecture from the Dragon Ball series. These locations, namely Dragon Ball Village, Tenkaichi Budokai, Kame House, and Karin Tower offer various rewards for players to uncover. In a noteworthy addition, players will have the capability to toss the novel Hoipoi Capsule, which subsequently transforms into a three-seater Air Car for swift navigation across the battlefield.

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super

In the upcoming Dragon Ball Super event’s second mode, a remarkable transformation of gameplay will unfold in BGMI, unlike anything seen before. Commencing from August 9th until October 9th, the battlegrounds will undergo a complete visual overhaul, adopting a stylistic animated art style.

Participants will forego their conventional armaments to take on the personas of five iconic Dragon Ball Super characters: Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, and Ultimate Gohan. Armed with each character’s distinctive signature moves, both offensive and supportive, contenders will engage in combat with the objective of outlasting their rivals.

Image via Krafton

Within this new game mode, gamers will collect Spirit Crystlets and Spirit Crystals strewn across the terrain, utilizing these to rejuvenate their characters’ energy and upgrade their combat abilities, capped at Level 4. The environment will also introduce an array of fresh elements like Teleport Points and Updrafts, facilitating creative map traversal and manipulation strategies.

BGMI x Dragon Ball Super collaboration comes with the version 2.7 update

A central facet of this update revolves around the concept of Ki, an essential aspect of the Dragon Ball saga. Players can accumulate Ki, akin to gathering Energy, to augment their movement capabilities. This accumulated energy can also be channeled to execute the iconic Kamehameha energy beam, a formidable attack against adversaries.

Additionally, the Buku-jutsu levitation technique allows players to levitate and move freely at a running pace. When Ki levels run low, players can rejuvenate by consuming dispersed Senzu Beans, restoring both energy and overall health.

For those seeking an added layer of challenge, details about the concealed Dragon Ball Trial will soon be unveiled. During this trial, players will be assigned the task of locating seven Dragon Balls, all while their positions are visible to rival teams. Triumph necessitates the successful acquisition of the Dragon Balls, safeguarding the Sheron Summoning Altar, and eventually making a wish.

BGMI version 2.7 update brings exciting new content and rewards

Anticipate a plethora of Dragon Ball Super-themed attire and accessories set to launch on August 10th. This collection will encompass exclusive ensembles highlighting the likes of Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and notable companions Pilaf and Karin.

bgmi dragon ball
Image via Krafton

The 2.7 update introduces numerous gameplay improvements as well. These encompass enhancements within the World of Wonder creative mode, now featuring a fresh editable Summer Brawl gameplay template. Furthermore, players can now access the new ACE32 assault rifle, applicable across all in-game maps.

Moreover, Cycle 5 Season 13 receives updates in terms of new content, rewards, and cosmetic items that players can unlock and relish. The most recent Royale Pass Ace not only brings about new core rewards but also includes Season Missions. Gaming enthusiasts are advised to await further announcements, as BGMI has plans to reveal an upcoming collaboration with the renowned British luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin.

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