Believer Company raised $55 million in its series A round from Lightspeed, Riot Games and more

The investment comes to power New Game Studio and IP led by Industry Luminaries

The Believer Company has successfully raised $55 million in a recently concluded Series A investment. The company was created by professionals in the industry that are passionate about players and building worlds deserving of them.

The funding, which is being led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, will first go towards assembling a top-notch team to produce a next-generation open-world game that is supported by an original IP, narratives where player choices matter, and gameplay systems that unite players rather than drive them apart.

With the help of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Riot Games, 1Up Ventures, Don Thompson’s Cleveland Avenue, Michael D. Eisner’s Tornante Company, and other venture partners, the round was primarily funded.

Former Riot Games Vice President Michael Chow will serve as CEO of Believer

The leadership team behind Believer includes seasoned creators, producers, and visionaries who have been instrumental in revolutionizing the video game industry. Inspiring the team with a passion for player service developed as Executive Producer on League of Legends Wild Rift and Co-Founder of Words with Friends developer Newtoy, former Riot Games Vice President Michael Chow will lead Believer as CEO.

Believer Company raised $55 million
Image via The Believer Company

“Players are the best audience to serve in the world. They’re noble, smart, discerning, and infinitely inventive,” said Chow. “We hold their investments of time, skill, and hard-earned money as sacred, and we will always put their needs first at every stage of Believer’s journey. We look forward to growing our team with people as passionate as we are and we are actively seeking like-minded talent to believe with us.”

Steven Snow, Riot Games’ founding member who established the studio’s player-focused culture and oversaw the executive production of League of Legends, is a part of Chow’s team as the chief product officer.

Believer Company raised $55 million
Image via The Believer Company

Chow and Snow are joined by CTO Landon McDowell (Microsoft, Riot Games, Linden Lab), CCO Jeremy Vanhoozer (Bungie, Electronic Arts), COO Tim Hsu (Twitter, Riot Games), CMO Shankar Gupta-Harrison (Riot Games, Dentsu X), Director of Operations Grace Park (League of Legends: Wild Rift), and VP of Design Jeff Jew (League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra).

Their founding motto—Credo In Ludos, or, “I believe in games”—underscores every team member’s personal commitment to making and playing games as a lifelong calling and not merely a business. The Believer is further supported by several strategic partners and advisors who have pushed the boundaries of popular culture, technology, and interactive art, including entertainment and media industry leader Michael D. Eisner, former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, and Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott.

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