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BGMI unveils “Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI” campaign, highlighting its quick gameplay modes

Dive Into Quick Fun with BGMI's new campaign

22feet Tribal Worldwide has launched an exciting new initiative for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), titled ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI‘. This innovative campaign, developed for KRAFTON India’s hit battle royale game, BGMI, introduces a variety of quick gameplay modes designed to fit into the busy lives of modern gamers.

BGMI responds to growing demand for shorter, more dynamic gaming experiences

Responding to the increasing need for short and dynamic gaming sessions, ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI‘ perfectly captures the essence of contemporary gaming. The campaign demonstrates how even brief moments in our daily routines can be transformed into opportunities for engaging with BGMI’s new Quick Game Modes. These modes provide a fast-paced and immersive experience, tailored to those with limited time to spare.

Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing at KRAFTON India, expressed his enthusiasm about the campaign’s potential to connect with players. He highlighted the unique, humorous scripts of the campaign videos, which not only capture the audience’s attention but also ensure high engagement and completion rates. Das hopes that the beautifully directed films will resonate well with the BGMI community.

Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI” campaign highlights the joy of quick gaming in BGMI

Vishnu Srivatsav, Creative Head at 22feet Tribal Worldwide, discussed the concept behind the campaign, emphasizing the universal value of time. He noted that even a small amount of free time is a precious gift, and the campaign’s films creatively showcase the series of events that can lead to finding just enough time to enjoy BGMI’s quick modes.

The campaign includes three quirky short films that explore the humorous and sometimes absurd ways players can find “thoda time” for gaming. These films feature bizarre, butterfly-effect scenarios that lead to quick gaming sessions:

  • Kutty Gangster: A lovesick gangster’s plan goes comically awry, creating just enough chaos to free up some gaming time.
  • A Fishy Tragedy: A chain reaction involving a dead fish and a mischievous cat gives a professor an unexpected break to the game.
  • Record Breaker: Celebrations over an unusual balloon-bursting record provide a perfect short gaming window due to an unforeseen delay.

Each scenario ultimately showcases the flexibility and accessibility of BGMI’s Quick Game Modes, proving that you can enjoy exhilarating gameplay anytime, anywhere. Check out our other articles on PUBG Mobile.

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