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Black Desert Mobile brings Land of the Morning Light expansion update with Two boss fights, Four bonus tales and more

This week, Black Desert Mobile has released the Land of the Morning Light expansion update featuring a Tale Collection with two new boss fights, four bonus tales, and additional content. This update includes new calamity levels, embers, scrolls, achievements, and emojis, providing players with an enhanced gaming experience and more opportunities for adventure and rewards.

Land of the Morning Light expansion update brings exciting new content to Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile has introduced several exciting updates to the Land of the Morning Light Tale Collection. Four new bonus tales have been added, including “Officers,” “Apex Changui,” “Sangoon,” and “Oduksini.” These bonus tales become accessible once the original eight tales are completed. Additionally, completed tales will now be added to the Tale Collection, allowing players to easily access and review them.

Furthermore, a new addition to the Tale Collection, “Dolswe’s Log,” has been introduced. This log will unlock upon the completion of all four bonus tales and contains detailed records by Dolswe, who joins the journey as players progress through the tales.

The update also brings new Black Shrine bosses, including Sangoon, Apex Changui, and Oduksini. Players can now obtain the first clear rewards for each difficulty level, and each Black Shrine boss will be accessible after completing their respective bonus tales.

Black Desert Mobile Land of the Morning Light expansion update
Image via Pearl Abyss

The maximum Energy for the Black Shrine has been increased to 11, with Energy increasing by 1 each time a difficulty is completed, up to the maximum limit. Additionally, Calamity 6 difficulty has been added to all Black Shrine bosses, which can be challenged after completing Calamity 5 for each respective boss.

Upon first completion of a boss in Calamity 6 difficulty, players can obtain the [Calamity 6 Reward Sack], which includes Embers of Hongik x3 and Supreme EXP Scroll x1,000. New Achievements have also been added for the first completion of each boss’ Calamity 6, with rewards including Crimson Crown x100.

Black Desert Mobile Land of the Morning Light expansion update
Image via Pearl Abyss

Lastly, a new Black Shrine Practice Mode has been introduced. Players can immediately access this mode and challenge the bosses they’ve encountered in the Tale Collection. In Practice Mode, players can challenge all difficulty levels of the bosses that appear in the Black Shrine, regardless of whether they have completed the Black Shrine difficulty. Importantly, Black Shrine Entry Passes will not be spent in Practice Mode, and there is no Stamina cost for resetting Energy in this mode.

Crafting Recipes has been added for some heroes in this Black Desert Mobile update

Crafting recipes for the Eternal-grade Gear, Dawnveil Helmet, and Dawnveil Armor have been added to Black Desert Mobile, imbued with immense power. These new items require Flame of Hongik, Chaos Jewel, and Ah’krad as materials.

Black Desert Mobile Land of the Morning Light expansion update
Image via Pearl Abyss

Similar to Chaos Gear, the Dawnveil Gear can undergo Awakened Enhancement up to +10, and up to 5 Crystals can be equipped. The success rate and required materials for Awakened Enhancement are the same as those for Chaos Gear.

Additionally, the 4th Crystal slot opens at Awakened Enhancement +6, and the 5th Crystal slot opens at Awakened Enhancement +8. Importantly, once a Crystal slot is opened, it will remain unlocked even if the Awakened Enhancement level drops. These items can also be crafted into Severing/Eidolic Dawnveil Gear, providing players with even more powerful equipment options to enhance their gameplay experience.

Black Desert Mobile has introduced new content called Capotia in this expansion update

Black Desert Mobile has introduced new content called Capotia, where players cooperate with guild members to fend off waves of enemies. In Capotia, players face enemies attacking in various forms over a set time, earning points by defeating them. These points are obtained on a guild basis, and all guild members receive the same reward based on the acquired points.

Black Desert Mobile Land of the Morning Light expansion update
Image via Pearl Abyss

To create a stage in Capotia, the Master and Guild Officer Adventurers can select one of three difficulties. Each player is granted one entry per week, with the entry resetting on Mondays at 00:00. Participation in Capotia is possible 7 days after joining a guild, with a maximum of 50 participants per stage. Rewards are only sent to guild members who are still in the stage at the end of Capotia.

In the Capotia stage, a common outfit is equipped, and character visual effects are optimized. This optimization applies when Settings – Graphics – Effects is set to low. Players can enter Capotia through Guild – Content – Capotia or Guild Fortress – Guild Expedition – Capotia. Additionally, all guild members logged in will receive a notification when a stage is created.

Capotia features three difficulty levels, with higher difficulties offering the opportunity to earn more points. Waves of monsters begin to spawn after the 30-second mark from the point of the first entry after the creation of the Capotia stage. Defeating monsters is advantageous for gaining points, as each wave spawns different monsters with different methods of earning points.

DifficultyMax Score
Lv 110,000 points
Lv 225,000 points
Lv 345,000 points

Even if a character is unable to take action in Capotia, they can participate again. Rewards are given once the content ends from defeating all waves of monsters or when time’s up.

Black Desert Mobile Land of the Morning Light expansion update
Image via Pearl Abyss

Additionally, a Practice Mode for Capotia has been added. This mode allows players to access the desired difficulty without any entry restrictions and has no entry limit. However, rewards cannot be obtained from points earned in Practice Mode.

Improvements and Optimizations in Black Desert Mobile Land of the Morning Light expansion update

Battlefield of the Sun: Forgotten Ruins

  • The maximum HP of the leader of each faction has been slightly increased. Additionally, the damage dealt to Holy Artifacts from focused shots with Cannons has been increased.


Genoveva’s Shop is no longer accessible. Hadum’s Tokens will not display from the Wealth/Resources tab on top of the screen anymore. All Hadum’s Tokens in possession have been deleted. Players will now obtain Chaos Crystal x1 for each Hadum’s Token contained in unopened chests.


Fixed an issue with [Titan] where the basic attack “Axe Mastery” would be used in auto-combat even when set to be used manually. Additionally, for [Lotus], fixed an issue where “Chaos” would automatically trigger “Midnight Requiem” on the second hit under certain conditions. Also, fixed an issue where certain attacks of the Golden Pig King in the Black Shrine could be blocked with Forward Guard.


Fixed an issue where, at times, the banner structures in Camp – Adventure could not be upgraded. Also, fixed an issue where names and icons wouldn’t be indicated in Red Sand Stone Chamber where Tukar Laytenn spawns.


Fixed an issue where the text “Purified Water 1 In effect” and “No Holy Vial of Light Cost” were overlapping. Additionally, fixed an issue where event tags were displayed on content with no events in progress. Furthermore, fixed an issue where, at times, the name of the target locked onto would not display properly. Finally, fixed an issue where some game tips would provide information that differed from the actual details.

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