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Black Desert Mobile Update Roadmap 2020 promises a lot

Black Desert Mobile became globally available about a week ago. But within this short period of time, the game has got immense popularity. Not to mention that the Black Desert Online (PC version) is a big hit, so it was expected that the game will be a hit. And the pre-launch hype proved that already. To continue its popularity, Pearl Abyss knows how to go about it. Black Desert Mobile Update roadmap for 2020 shows a lot of content is about to come. And this is quite promising from the developer’s side to pre-plan the content updates beforehand.

Upcoming Contents

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The developer team is excited to share the sneak peeks of the future updates of Black Desert Mobile. Detailed info will be revealed once the dates come closer. Pearl Abyss mentioned,

we want to provide a sneak-peek to some of the content that will make its way to Black Desert Mobile. We are excited to share for the very first time new features that we believe our Adventurers will appreciate. Please understand that changes to the names and content may occur before they arrive on the live servers

1. Blood Kin

Blood Kin will feature inseparable relationships in Black Desert Mobile. Players will be able to summon them anytime and anywhere. Players can even send a notification to a blood kin who is offline. Other than exclusive quests, blood kins will also receive extra buffs when they gather together.

2. The Fame of an Adventurer

Give admiration and receive the same in return. The Frame of Adventurer will focus on building a positive relationship through exchanging admirations. Players receiving admirations will receive a frame and rewards. Higher the admiration, better the rewards.

Black Desert Mobile Update Roadmap 2020

Time FrameContent
Q1 20201. Portuguese Language Support
2. New Classes
3. New Zone: Southern and Northern Mediah
4. New World Boss: Karandah
Q2 20201. New Classes
2. New Zone: Western Valencia
3. New World Boss: Nouver
4. New PVE Content: Merchantry
5. New PVP Content: Siege Wars
6. Reinforced Skill
7. Special Boss Rush
Q3 20201. New Classes
2. New Zone: Northern Valencia
3. New PVE Content: Tower of Trials
4. Class Awakening
Q4 20201. New Classes
2. Enraged World Boss Series
3. New PVE Content: Path of Glory
4. Class Ascension

It is indeed a piece of good news for the Black Desert Mobile players to see so many things in Black Desert Mobile Update Roadmap 2020. The roadmap actually shows that Black Desert Mobile is here to stay.

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So what do you think about the planned contents? Do let us know in the comments below! And, for more mobile gaming related discussions, join our Discord server.

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