Blackout Rugby Manager is a new Rugby management sim available on Android and iOS

Sports team management sim to be followed by football and cricket!

The best sports management simulation platform, Blackout Games, has revealed that Blackout Rugby Manager is now available on mobile. Blackout Rugby is a thorough multiplayer game with a strong social component that lets you compete with gamers from all around the world. It is the most in-depth rugby team management sim ever created.

Take vital decisions and showcase your managerial skills

With Blackout Rugby, an MMO rugby manager, players may create a club, develop a team, and engage in international competition. With the help of a ground-breaking match engine, gamers can see their team compete in 3D against other teams and influence the result of the game with highly customizable strategies and training plans.

When faced with important decisions and challenges in their daily lives, such as player injuries, contract negotiations with sponsors and players, prioritizing certain skills in their training regimen, acquiring and investing in new players, upgrading club facilities like their stadium or office building, scouting out the competition, and much more, players’ management skills and understanding of rugby will be put to the test.

Blackout Rugby brings exciting features while focusing on player experience

Features of Blackout Rugby include:

  • Create your own player training programs with 20 or more various session kinds to fill them, as well as proactive physical training where keeping an eye on your players’ progress can pay off handsomely.
  • An innovative card system that directs your day’s activities by rewarding your top priorities, such as enhancing a training session, developing a young player, or enhancing a match’s tactical strategy.
  • Create the infrastructure for your club, including training facilities, medical centers, statues of former club stars, and broadcasting studios.
  • Individual player avatars feature a variety of technical rugby skills as well as physical and mental characteristics that set each player apart.
Blackout Rugby player info
Image via Blackout Games
  • a simple interactive contract system that enables you to bargain the terms of the agreement you make with your participants.
  • With a wide range of tactical options accessible, such as attack patterns and ruck commitment to kicking methods, defensive systems, and lineout targets, you can create and develop your own match-day game plans that capitalize on your team’s strengths and target the weaknesses of the opposition.
  • To help organize your team, set and save your starting lineups, use your bench to insert substitutes, and make positional depth charts.
  • A transfer market that promotes active bidding but also enables rapid sales if you need cash right away or high bids to guarantee you get the player you want.
  • A system of youth academies that enables you to take undeveloped ability and develop it into promising young superstars.
  • Unions, where gamers may team up with friends to form clans and win rewards.

Blackout Rugby is now globally available on iOS and Android, allowing players to check in on their club anytime, anywhere.

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