Bladed Fury: The 2D platformer is now available on Android and iOS

Hit 2D Action Game now hacks and slashes in the palm of your hand!

PM Studios has announced that Bladed Fury, the popular 2D action platformer, is now available on mobile devices. Bladed Fury, developed by Next Studios is a classic 2D action game based on Chinese mythology with an accompanying traditional art style and sound design, but with a dash of surrealism added to the mix. Available now for $4.99 on iOS and Android, Bladed Fury is painstakingly adapted for touchscreens, but fully playable with supported controllers.

Blade Fury features amazing visuals and addictive combat

Bladed Fury is indeed a truly exceptional experience, with fast gameplay, a high-octane combo system, and a wealth of ancient monsters and deities to slay. Play as a Chinese princess who must fend off opposing clans in order to reclaim her realm. Players will hack and slash their way through this stunning sidescroller, avenge the father’s death and restore respect to the family.

bladed fury gameplay
Image via PM Studios

A mystical Chinese mythological aspect is combined with a unique hand-drawn painting style. A fluid combat style that is simple to learn yet tough to master. Combat is more interesting thanks to the innovative Soul Sliver system, which adds depth and adjusts the pace. Controllers and touchscreen controls are fully supported.

The game comes from two exemplary publishing houses

PM Studios, Inc. is an independent creator and publisher of interactive entertainment and mobile applications situated in Los Angeles, California, and Seoul, Korea. Next Studios uses a variety of methods to create unique, high-quality, and respectable games, including but not limited to original idea incubation, sophisticated technology application, and external collaboration.

To explore future possibilities in gaming as a unique medium and constantly push the boundaries, they experiment with new designs, create new experiences, investigate new technologies, work across platforms and game genres, and work between platforms and game genres.

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