Blast Commander, a new strategy title gets a soft launch in Indonesia

Commanders, come and fight!

Blast Commander is a new puzzle strategy title brought to you by UFUN MOBI. The game, Blast Commander has just received a soft launch in Indonesia and will be available for players on Android, accessible via Google Play.

Blast Commander allows players to defeat enemy forces by collecting cards and solving puzzles

The game allows the players to command their forces and guide them toward victory, there are plenty of heroes in the form of character cards available in the game. Each of these character cards has unique abilities and powerups of its own. Utilizing these cards is the major concern, players can solve puzzles and combine different patterns to make sure that their heroes fight the enemy forces well and eventually defeat them in battle.

Blast Commander soft launch, Blast Commander
Image via UFUN MOBI

The game, being a strategy title has multiple cards on offer, where players can collect them and utilize them in a way to defeat and earn victory over their enemies. The base of the game will evolve around collecting different character cards and then utilizing them while fighting the enemy forces. Players will have to solve puzzles to combine moves and strike down against the enemy.

Blast Commander, being a strategy title will also allow the players to combine their own arsenal of characters from the ones already available in the game. Players would be able to combine the character cards of the ones available and combine them together to form an even stronger one. This would allow the players to customize and broaden their arsenal of available characters with unique abilities.

With so many characters and so many different levels on offer, the game will be suited for players who are into puzzle and strategy titles. The game as stated before is now available as a soft launch in Indonesia, interested players can access the game via Google Play.

What are your thoughts on Blast Commander getting a soft launch in Indonesia? Let us know in the comments below!

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