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Blue Archive brings Kokona, a new student, and a rerun of popular event, Playing Tag at Neverland in its latest update

Event story "Playing Tag at Neverland" returns!

Nexon announced an update featuring the new student, “Kokona,” for the subculture game Blue Archive developed by their subsidiary company Nexon Games.

Blue Archive introduces Kokona in the latest update

Kokona, a Piercing Striker from Shanhaijing Senior Secondary School, is the newest student at Blue Archive. She gains one Stamp of Praise and restores one ally’s and her own HP when she uses her EX skill, “Great Job.” Kokona’s Pick-Up Recruitment will be introduced, and Kirino, Shun (Small), and Saya (Casual) will all have new Pick-Up Recruitments.

Playing Tag at Neverland, the event story is also coming back. In this event story, Shun, who has taken a youth elixir to become her younger self, runs around the academy and encounters all kinds of difficulties.

A special live stream is scheduled to feature commentary from the developers, on merch, collaborations, and offline events

Additionally, Go! Go! Kivotos!, a unique live stream, has been revealed. On Friday, March 24, it will be accessible on the official YouTube account. It will include commentary from the creators as well as details on digital merchandise, fascinating partnerships, and live events. Blue Archive’s popularity was further demonstrated on March 8 when it placed third in the popular game category at the Bahamut Game & Animation Awards for the second consecutive year.

Additionally, the results of the survey “Who’s Your Favorite Students?” are made public on the main Discord server of Blue Archive. The order of finish was Hina in first, Azusa in second, and Aris in third. To promote the official Blue Archive Discord server, an in-game banner featuring the best three students will be created. Players can visit the official Blue Archive Discord channel to see more details.

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