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Blue Archive releases its event story update titled, Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part II

What end awaits Arius Squad!

Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part II,” an event story by Blue Archive, created by Nexon Games, was released on Thursday, February 15 by Nexon Korea Corp.

“Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part II” follows Saori and Arius Squad as they help Sensei and Atsuko. Saori battles Mika to save the mission and her cherished crew when Mika’s involvement upends their preparations. The tale of how Mika and Saori’s lives intersected and the significance of their conflict will be revealed.

Follow the story of Mika and Saori’s intersecting lives in Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part II

Saori, an Explosive-type Striker, will be included in the update as an Arius Satellite School student. She deals guaranteed Crit DMG proportional to her ATK to a single enemy using her EX Skill “Et Omnia Vanitas!” Reruns of Aru, Shiroko (Cycling), and Aris recruitment will take place in conjunction with Saori’s arrival. The third event update for Special Mission Decagrammaton will also be provided.

Arius District Exploration Task 2 will also be made available by Nexon to commemorate the release. Players will receive Handmade Wreaths for completing objectives including finishing the main story, teaching lessons, and gathering growth materials. Players will earn 1,200 Pyroxene as a reward for collecting 100 Handmade Wreaths.

Additionally, through Tuesday, February 28, the Triple Rewards Campaign for Missions and Commissions will be in force. In addition, Schale’s Special Sweets Supply Event, which runs through Monday, February 20, will allow players to receive 100 AP as a reward for logging in every day.

Are you excited about the Blue Archive event story update, Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part II? Let us know in the comments below!

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