Bomb Club: The explosive puzzle game is now available on Android and iOS

Become a bomb expert

Popular game developer Antoine Latour from Strasbourg, France has announced that his explosive puzzle game Bomb Club is now available on Android and iOS devices. Bomb Club is a puzzle game that is all about explosions in the game. Players will get a chance to come across new bombs, uncover new challenges, and create awesome chain reactions in this explosive puzzle game.

More than 20 bombs to add to your arsenal with a huge map to explore

Bomb Club features hundreds of hand-crafted levels, a fun story with lovable characters, and a constantly evolving gameplay. Casual players will easily progress through, while puzzle experts will find ample optional levels and challenges that will test their limits.

Bomb Club available
More than 20 bombs to discover in the game

Bombs are placed on a grid, and you have to place your own in such a way that a single chain reaction will destroy everything. There are more than 20 bombs to discover – laser bomb, magma bomb, magnet bomb, lullaby bomb, and many more. The game also features various hats that can be placed on bombs to give them additional effects. Also, you can explore a huge world map spread across the 13 zones.

Bomb Club available
Bombs are placed on a grid in the game

Head over to your respective stores now

If you have a knack for explosives, the Bomb Club welcomes you. Players can download the explosive puzzle game on Android devices from the Google Play Store and iOS devices from the Apple App Store. The game is free to play. It features an in-game store that sells level packs; each pack adds a new bomb and a dozen of levels. They only aim to provide tougher challenges for those who want more after finishing the main scenario.

Are you excited for the Bomb Club game as it now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comment section below.

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