Boom Beach Frontlines 0.5.0 update: New super operations, rarity rebalances, and more

Here's what the update has in store for players!

Boom Beach Frontlines rolled out the new 0.5.0 update on March 31, the update is aimed at making the game and the battles interesting through changes to card rarities and power, and introducing many other improvements to the overall progression and experience of the game. The update will be available for users who have the latest version of the game.

Boom Beach Frontlines 0.5.0 update

Super Operations

Super Operations will increase the intensity of the battles with a twist. The Super operations will take place in seven new maps, these islands will feature three new biomes including snowy environments, industrial areas filled with mechanical remains of Dr. T’s experiments, and islands partly destroyed by volcano activity and lava rivers.

super operations Boom Beach Frontlines 0.5.0 update
Image via SpaceApe Games

These are the new Super Operations coming in this update:

  • Base Buster: A gigantic missile present at the center of the map will attack the opposing team once it’s captured by a team, giving an advantage to the ones who hold it.
  • Giga Bites: The immortal Giga Critter will fight on the team’s behalf which captures it, although the name says it’s immortal, the Giga Critter will be deactivated after heavy damage.
  • Critter Fortress: Critters are free-falling from the sky in large numbers,  they get bigger after each attack.
  • Hot stone passage: The island will turn into a hotspot with balls of fire falling from everywhere while the players fight for control of the island.
  • Freezing Point: The freezing point is the opposite of the Hot stone passage where ice brings a twist to the game as players fight for control of the island.
  • Lava Land: This is when the volcano erupts as on the other hand players fight for control of the island.
  • Triple treat: Point C will start under the ownership of neutral critters. Whoever captures Point C and holds 2 outposts by the end of the game will win.

Rarity Rebalances

Some cards like the Mortar Bike didn’t feel powerful enough to be an Epic, or the Shotgunner, who deserved to be more than common. This is why there will be a change in the rarity of several cards.

rarity rebalance
Image via SpaceApe Games

Rarity increases across all rarities will apply no change in card level, but the number of cards owned will be divided by 10. The Rarity decreases from Epic to Rare, and Rare to Common will add +2 card levels and multiply the number of cards owned by 10.

Rarity decreases from Epic to Common will add +4 card levels and multiply the number of cards owned by 100. All players who have an account before this update will receive 2 Premium Boxes + Coins in a predetermined amount based on the HQ level.

Troop Cooldowns

To make the battles more interesting, the troop’s cooldown will be in place with the new update. This new feature will give a short time to the eliminated team to make plans and re-evaluate their loadout. But cooldowns will differ based on situations.

troop cooldowns Boom Beach Frontlines 0.5.0 update
Image via SpaceApe Games
  • The rarity and level will determine the time span of cooldown for a troop.
  • Since vehicles already have cooldowns, troops that get eliminated while driving will not go into cooldown.

Boom Beach Frontlines 0.5.0 update Card Shop: New Missions and Card Shop

New Missions

missions Boom Beach Frontlines 0.5.0 update
Image via SpaceApe Games

Daily challenges for players will earn them piggy banks that will contain coins and gems. Each daily mission has up to 4 slots with different reward sizes, the first three slots are available as you level up and the last one is available when you activate the Beach Pass. Users can track their process by checking the submarine, this is also where they will have to go to collect their rewards after completing a mission.

Card Shop

Up to 6 daily card offers will be available, the number of offers will increase with higher HQ, these cards can be bought with coins or gems, the cards will be reset after 24 hours.

Boom Beach Frontlines 0.5.0 update: Balance Changes

Minefield munitions cost has been increased by 50 from 600 to 650, while Sniper tower damage has been increased by 30% Rate of fire increased, reload speed, and magazine size adjusted. In essence, normalized damage per second improved by ~25%, finally Boom Mines munitions cost has been reduced by 50 from 750 to 700.

The game has also seen some improvements and bug fixes, the issue that caused vehicles to get stuck has been solved, players will not get XP from playing battles instead of card upgrades. The game now has a new loading animation.

Players now gain Munitions from damage dealt by the Defenses they built. Players can now add friends outside the game more easily via deep links. Now players can get gems from free boxes, boom boxes, big boxes, and mega boxes. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or by following the official social media handles.

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