Boom Beach November 2022 Update: New Defensive Building, New Troop and more

A new defensive building and troop in Boom Beach!

Boom Beach is a combat strategy game for mobile created by Supercell. It’s great that the game has been released in 2014 and until today the game gets new updates. The developers are constantly working on new content and features to keep players engaged. Two new things are coming to the game in the upcoming November 2022 update, a new troop from Boom Beach Frontlines and a new defensive building. However, the developers have not revealed the update date yet.

A new defensive building Critter Launcher is coming to Boom Beach in November 2022 update

Critter Launcher is the newest permanent defensive Building with a double barrel. The Critter Launcher is a new defense strategy that involves throwing Critters at the attacker troops to distract and destroy them. As they say, it’s Cute and Deadly. Players can unlock it at HQ14, and here is its status:

  • Health: 12 7000
  • Damage/Sec: 141

A new troop, Laser Ranger from Boom Beach Frontlines arrives in Boom Beach

Laser Ranger is a new troop in Boom Beach. This troop is from Boom Beach Frontlines and was first introduced on July 28 in Boom Beach Frontline. Many players love using the Laser Ranger in Boom Beach Frontlines because of its powerful zapping ability.

It can easily take out enemy bases, making it a very powerful tool in the game. It is difficult to say whether or not it is a good troop in Boom Beach without playing it first because we don’t have its status. However, time will eventually tell us.

Boom Beach November 2022 Update: What’s more

This Month on Boom Beach:

  1. Tank and Medic Mania: November 4 – 6
  2. Warships S40- Shock Party: November 7 – 13
  3. Clone Refleman: November 7 – 13
  4. Remote Defib: November 11 – 13
  5. Super Warrior: November 18 – 20
  6. Melon Bombardier or Lazortron, you will vote for your favorite one on November 23 – 25, and play on November 28 – December 4

That’s all for the Boom Beach November 2022 update!

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