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Bound by Blades: The brand new indie RPG is set to release on mobile in 2023

Sharpen your swords in preparation for this delightful new indie title!

Bound by Blades, a brand-new independent game, is being unveiled today by revered publisher Assemble Entertainment and creator Zeth. Bound by Blades is a boss-rush-style RPG that will release on Steam in Q4 2022 and subsequently on Android, and iOS platforms. It places a strong emphasis on difficult fighting and crafting.

Explore the enchanting world of Ashmyr, a once-thriving land that has been left desolate and is now home to ruthless foes spread over the universe. In this endearing yet difficult game, you’ll battle strong foes, get to know creative NPCs, and discover the story behind Ashmyr’s tragic fall!

Experience fun and casual boss-rush gameplay

The primary gameplay of Bound by Blades consists of killing bosses, gathering their remnants, and leveling/crafting gear. Bound by Blades provides gamers wishing to experience boss-rush action with a lighter and more laid-back attitude while not being as hardcore as the genre kings.

The game was developed by lone developer Zeth as a passion project to make boss-centered RPGs more approachable for players. Follow the young Bound on their trip across Ashmyr to learn about the origins of the evil Ilcyon and other enigmatic things. The story is told in an intriguing digital-sketchbook art style.

Bound by Blades offers intuitive controls and unique combat

Kill enormous monsters in dangerous combat and become knowledgeable about their strategies to live and prevail. Gather their remains, then use them to create a cool new set of gear. Any intrepid traveler can start this difficult voyage because Bound By Blades is made for gamers of all ability levels. Use a variety of techniques, including Combos, Quick and Strong Attacks, and Special Combo Finishers.

In Ashmyr, there is a two-player co-op option that lets you team up with a friend to defeat enemies. In Bound by Blades, there is no “one size fits all” playstyle. Recognizing this, choose and switch between the game’s three major characters, Teo the Kuza cat, Guren the Fangorian bunny, and Space Oxbourne ox, each of whom has a special fighting style and equipment.

Are you excited as Bound by Blades is set to release on Android and iOS in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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