Brave Brain is a new trivia quiz game, now available on Android and iOS

With its inclusive design, this game is equally accessible to all players

The new travel-themed casual quiz game named Brave Brain by the Czech game studio Kikiriki Games is now available for download. What sets this mobile game apart is its considerate and all-encompassing design, ensuring that a diverse range of players can easily engage with it.

Explore the world through quizzes in Brave Brain

The objective of Brave Brain is to engage in quiz-solving, accomplish missions, and advance through progressively higher levels. Individuals with a competitive spirit have the opportunity to contend for leading positions on the weekly leaderboard. As participants tackle quizzes, they are transported to diverse global destinations.

Brave Brain map california
Image via Kikiriki Games

Within these locations, three distinct settings await, each featuring a thematic quiz. Among these settings, one presents queries related to the specific country, while the remaining two concentrate on subjects commonly associated with that nation. For instance, within the UK map, aside from the Big Ben set designed for testing knowledge of the United Kingdom, there are the Music Club and Sports Stadium locations. These venues offer questions about popular music and sports, respectively, in addition to region-specific inquiries.

Inclusive design principles shaped the creation of Brave Brain

Brave Brain is the second mobile game by Kikiriki Games. In the prior year, this studio unveiled To the Dragon Cave, a unique audio-centric mobile game that relied solely on players’ auditory senses. Due to its distinctive gameplay approach, the game earned a nomination at the Pocket Gamer Awards under the category of Most Innovative Mobile Game.

In light of this recognition, the studio made the deliberate choice to integrate principles of inclusive design into their development process for the new game, Brave Brain. This approach aims to honor and accommodate the diversity of human abilities. As a notable example, the developers shifted their focus compared to the previous release, placing greater emphasis on the visual elements within the game. This included intricate and detailed visuals for various countries and settings featured in the game.

Brave Brain missions
Image via Kikiriki Games

However, the studio remained committed to ensuring that blind players could equally partake in this experience. To address this, they incorporated a richly composed soundtrack into the game. This soundtrack effectively captures the ambiance of different locations through the medium of music, guaranteeing that players without sight could still immerse themselves in the game’s atmosphere.

Brave Brain to Include seasonal quizzes and improved accessibility

In the forthcoming times, the studio aims to enhance the game’s accessibility, catering not only to individuals with visual impairments but also to gamers facing various other limitations. Furthermore, there exist strategies in place to enlarge the game’s content, introducing fresh countries into the mix and expanding the repository of quiz questions. As an illustration, players can anticipate the introduction of seasonal quizzes.

Brave Brain quiz
Image via Kikiriki Games

At present, Brave Brain encompasses a roster of 12 countries and an extensive compilation of almost 10,000 quiz questions. The game has undergone localization for both English and Czech languages, and it is available on iOS and Android devices. The financial backing for the game is provided by the CzechInvest.

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