Brawl Craft: Brawl Stars Map Maker is now available on Android

Finnish video game company, Supercell announced that Brawl Craft is now available on Android. It is a web-based Map Making tool for Brawl Stars. Players can create their own maps, play them against bots, and share them with friends! Supercell always considers community creativity. Previously, they have launched Supercell Make where users could design skins for Brawl Stars. Now finally they heard the community to let them unleash their creativity in making maps for Brawl Stars with Brawl Craft.

Brawl Craft unlocks all of the map-making potentials. It is done with powerful tools, an optimized workflow, and the ability to playtest. Therefore, resulting in creating great maps that have never been done before!

About Brawl Craft

The players can create maps for any game mode, using most of the in-game environments, beautifully recreated in full 3D. Start from scratch or use any of the in-game maps as a template. You can browse through and view all of the in-game maps. Most important is now you can share your maps for anyone to view and play, directly in the editor. You can download the Brawl Craft on Android by clicking here.

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When Brawl Craft will be available for iOS?

Currently, Brawl Craft is available only for Android version 9 or above. The developers are trying to release it for iOS but it will take some time. The official release date for iOS is not declared yet.

What to do if I don’t have a compatible device?

If you don’t have a compatible device then don’t worry! The developers have given an alternate option. You can directly head over to your desktop and can use Brawl Craft on a computer! Have fun with the unofficial web-based Map Making tool.

How did you feel about the Brawl Craft as it is available on Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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