Supercell Make: A Great initiative to showcase the community creativity

The community always appreciates the creativity of Supercell in their games. But now, maybe its time to give them something back? Just a day ago, Brawl Stars tweeted about “Supercell Make”. A brand new initiative for the community to involve them in designing skins for Brawl Stars. And it is expected that Supercell will be implementing the same kind of things for their other games in future.

So what is ‘Supercell Make’?

It is sort of an initiative, and a tool, where the public can design their own skins and submit them for the Brawl Stars team to consider adding to the game. Basically, anyone can design a skin, submit it, and people will vote on it. The most upvoted skins can get a chance to make it into the game. The Brawl Stars team will have the final say, of course, on which skins are suitable for the game and which skins aren’t. This will encourage people to express their creativity.

How ‘Supercell Make’ is beneficial for the community?

Skins have been an important part of a lot of games over the years. They’re present in-game only for cosmetic purposes, but they add a unique feel to the game. When players grind for skins and then get their hands on them, it feels like an achievement. It is a similar case for Brawl Stars. The first skins released for the original Brawlers received positive feedback, leading to the addition of more skins. As the number of Brawlers increased, so did the number of skins.

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The ‘Community’ aspect regarding skins in Brawl Stars

As the number of skins increased, the community began creating skins too. People designed skins – original ones – some great, some not, some worth adding to the game, some not. The community loved creating skins for the Brawlers, which was a huge influence in the creation of the tool. The Brawl Stars Twitter account said this when they posted about SC Make:

How cool would it be to have community-made skins in Brawl Stars? We proudly present to you… SUPERCELL MAKE!

The impact of artists on its creation

A lot of great artists create great skins for the Brawlers, but one among them stands out with his consistent and great artwork – u/GEDI-KOR. He is a Korean game illustrator and artist, who has impressed the entire Brawl Stars community, and some of the big YouTubers, with his beautifully designed skins. This tool is a boon for him, and we would love to see some of his best skins added to Brawl Stars.

So what do you think about the new tool? Do let us know in the comments below!

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