Brawl Stars announces compensation for Trophy road bug in December 2022 season update

Supercell is going to giveaway compensation get ready to get yours

Brawl Stars is one of the most popular MOBA games developed by Supercell. When it comes to MOBA the genre itself doesn’t have a lot of goodwill at fair business practice however, Brawl Stars stands tall to be one of the very few exceptions. Therefore it naturally stuns the community whenever few and far between there’s an unfair advantage somewhere in the game. Some players were able to claim the trophy road rewards again and that created an unfair advantage, the bug and the recently announced compensation are all we’ll discuss here in this Brawl Stars trophy road compensation article.

Brawl Stars: Trophy road bug in December 2022 update

Brawl Stars introduced many new features, mechanics and many more big updates in the latest update on 12th December as announced in the latest episode of Brawl talk. But as mentioned in this Brawl Stars trophy road compensation article the update also made a bug occur to some players that led them to have an unfair advantage.

Some players were allowed to receive trophy road rewards again while some were not, and they weren’t as pleased by this incident as expected.

Many players in the Brawl Stars community posted their opinions on this matter on reddit with most of them with upwards of 1k upvotes.

Brawl Stars: Supercell finally responded to fans

The Brawl Stars community made their opinion on this topic very clear and as a result within a day as the developers at Supercell responded to this.

Supercell has recently announced that they’re working on a fix for this bug and it will be fixed shortly. Supercell is going to give away the same amount of rewards to everyone to make it fair which we think is a fair and well-balanced call in this regard.

What are your thoughts about the Brawl Stars trophy road compensation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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