Brawl Stars December 2022 Brawl Talk: New Brawlers, Brawliversary, skins and more

Welcome to Candy Land Season!

One of the biggest updates in Brawl Stars history, the latest episode of Brawl Talk has quite some updates on the way. Since the last Brawl Talk held in end-August 2022, where the hosts Dani, Frank, and Ryan share updates, announcements, and plans for the future of the game. The Candy Land Season Update for Brawl Stars will arrive on the 12th of December, 2022. Let us break down the Brawl Talk for the month of December 2022 in Brawl Stars, which breakdowns the content of the upcoming Candy Land season.

Brawl Stars December 2022 Brawl Talk: New brawlers


Mandy is a sharpshooter brawler with the longest range in the game when he stands still and uses her range in a useful way. If she moves, her attack goes back to the normal sharpshooter range. Speaking of her long-range, she can literally fire beams of sugar until the end of the map. Mandy’s super takes a while to charge in-game, which provides the opponents a chance to escape.

Mandy Brawl Stars
Image via Supercell

With the newest Brawl Pass season, she has a new skin in the midst, known as Magma Mandy, which fires lava in place of sugary beams. One more skin named MC Mandy is coming in the Candy Land Brawl Pass, which will cost 29 gems.


A legendary Brawler, Chester’s attack involves a sequence of projectiles, that follows the same logic in ascending order. While his first attack shoots one projectile, the next consecutive charges up to shoot three projectiles, the next one five, and continues the pattern! Use these attacks to your advantage!

Chester Brawl Stars
Image via Supercell

Chester is the very first brawler with randomized Supers, where five different Supers can vary in their attacks. Unless Chester fires up the Super, he does not know what he will receive unless he looks at the Super icon. This makes it increasingly difficult for the opponent to guess his Super, leading to confusion.

His Supers include the likes of Throwing a bomb, slowing enemies in a certain area, poisoning enemies in a cone, healing himself, and a direct stunning attack! Chester’s skin named Dark Chester is also in the midst, which costs 29 gems. He will available to unlock the new Starr Road.


With the theme of the Dark Brawlidays, the developers have finally introduced Gray. Along with Lola, Gray is the second Brawler of the Brawlywood trio! While Lola is a soap opera star, and super dramatic, Gray makes silent, artsy underground movies.

Gray Brawl Stars
Image via Supercell

Gray’s main attack involves shooting lines from his fingers with his mind powers, where he is the first brawler with Portals. Gray can create two portals and teleport brawlers across the map. The first portal always spawns wherever Gray is.  The second one is thrown within his Super range. Gray and his allies can use this portal.

Grey can be unlocked by completing a quest, which has 32 days to expire, since the update day. Therefore, one must complete it before it expires too! In case it is completed, there is always an opportunity to buy him from the shop or unlock him for Starr Road. Gray’s new skin shows him up in a fugitive costume named Runaway Gray skin, which costs 29 gems.

Brawl Stars December 2022 Brawl Talk: New skins

  • Players will get Gummy Bear Nita as the Brawl Pass first-tier skin!
  • Piñata Ash is going to be the Power League Skin.
  • Buzz’s new Buzette skin will also become available.
  • Cupcake Darryl will also be introduced with the December 2022 Update.

Dark Brawlidays

It is that time of the month, when players can celebrate the fourth anniversary of Brawl Stars. As every year, Brawliversary calls for Brawlidays, and this year will involve it in a darker theme. Here are the skins announced for the Dark Brawlidays:

  • Yeti Sam
  • Krampus Ash
  • Frost Queen Amber

More skins

  • The Arcade theme returns next year with a new Skin for Eve, where Eve ends up as Baiku Eve, in a space bike.
  • Griff’s new skin named High Score Griff makes his head like a videogame.
  • To celebrate the win of ZETA Division Zero in the Brawl Stars Championship 2022, a new World Champion Gus is introduced, which will don the colors and logo of this year’s champions.
  • With the celebration of the upcoming Brawlentine’s Day, Sam, The Teddy will be launched as a new skin, costing 29 gems.

Brawl Stars December 2022 Brawl Talk: New Starr Road Reward System

Brawl Stars will introduce a very big change in this upcoming update, where they will eliminate the likes of boxes and any chance of random rewards. Probabilities will be removed gradually, and players will now have the chance to grind to a more fair and confirmed set of rewards. Players must unlock their own boxes before the update drops. The rewards on both Trophy Road and Brawl Pass will now be more fixed and less unpredictable.

Starr Road

This is a new reward track in Brawl Stars. Players progress on Starr Road by collecting a new currency called Credits. They can earn Credits from Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road and from quests and challenges. For each step on Starr Road, there is a pre-defined rarity to unlock the next brawler. As a new player, one will unlock specific Brawlers first, after which, they will be allowed to make a choice between two or three. One can also choose none, and progress on the path until the chosen one gets available.

Brawl Stars December 2022 Brawl Talk Starr Road
Image via Supercell

On the path of unlocking a brawler, to speed up the progress, players will be able to purchase the remaining credits if needed and unlock the brawler in the same way. The Starr Road will look the same for everyone. In case on the path of unlocking a brawler, a player changes his mind, they can also switch and transfer their progress to another Brawler. The old Trophy Road brawlers have been assigned new rarities and moved to Starr Road. Once new Brawlers are introduced to the game, one can collect credits from the Trophy Road, the Brawl Pass, Challenges, and Quests or purchase them from the Shop.

Chromatic Brawlers in Starr Road

Players might have seen that Chromatic Brawlers are not part of this Starr Road. The primary place to unlock Chromatic Brawlers is still the Brawl Pass. However, they are also available in their own Chromatic Shop, where one can purchase them using a new currency called Chroma Credits, or they can use Gems. Chroma Credits are mainly available from the Brawl Pass free track, but they can occasionally be found in Shop offers, Quests, or Challenges.

Once the collection of the required Chroma Credits for a specific Brawler is done, players can unlock the brawler. The cost of Chromatic Brawlers is still based on the release date, just like in the previous system where their drop chances increased from season to season.

Depending on the release date of the Chromatic Brawler, there will be a secondary requirement for owning a specific amount of chromatic Brawlers before players will become eligible to purchase them for Chroma Credits. However, players can always purchase them directly with Gems.

Fame Rank

If one is maxed out and has all Brawlers unlocked, all Credits claimed will be added to a new feature called Fame. The Fame rank is a purely cosmetic way of flexing your Brawl account, which for the time being, is visible on your player Profile and home screen.

With the first update next year, more ways will be released to show off the Fame rank in-game. Players can also opt-in to purchase Fame progress with Chroma Credits, in case they do not have any more Chromatic Brawlers to unlock and don’t want to save them for later.

What are your thoughts about December 2022 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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