Brawl Stars brings second Gadget and Star Power for Mandy making her even more powerful

Mandy goes insane with new Gadget and Star Power!

Brawl Stars is notorious for making its characters or Brawlers powerful or downright broken overpowered at times and even nerfing some to get the gameplay balanced. Recently, Supercell has announced and implemented a second Gadget and Star Power for Mandy in Brawl Stars.

Mandy, one of the most favorite brawlers of the community among the vast catalog of brawlers, gets her second gadget and star power that might make her a bit more reliable as a brawler and OP in some knockout matches.

Brawl Stars keep their Brawlers distinct from one another primarily via various gadgets and advantages, therefore some of the brawlers work better as a tank, some might fit best as a long shooter while others might figure their way out by camping. Mandy adds a second gadget to her arsenal namely Cookie Crumbs which can pierce through enemies as well as environments. The gadget effectively makes her a long shooter and a good one at that.

In addition to that, Mandy also gets a new Star Power known as Hard Candy which gives her a 20% shield While she is focused. The combination of the star power and the new gadget is insanely effective in knockout matches. The Shield while being only 20%, is effective in close encounters and saves a lot of matches by a thin margin. While opinions about the second gadget are all over the place, however, some players in the community think that these new powers make her a bit OP in some regards.

How to use Mandy’s new gadget effectively in Brawl Stars

The usage of Mandy’s gadgets is very simple however, to use them effectively a precise strategy is necessary. Mandy is a long shooter and the new Cookie Crumbs makes her even stronger at it, moving around the corner to corner while shooting seems the best strategy against a crowd of opponents. However, against one or two foes the best strategy is to stand close and use focus longer while shooting especially to gain the edge of that 20% shield.

Most of the fans are pretty divisive on whether Mandy is Overpowered because of the new additions while some think the additions are pretty much balanced. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you dwell on, one thing is undeniable the fan-favorite brawler Mandy has grown all stronger with the new additions.

What are your thoughts about the second Gadget and Star Power of Mandy in Brawl Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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