Brawl Stars First Anniversary Surprises galore

Brawl Stars, as we know it, will soon turn 1. Yes, it’s Brawl Stars first anniversary! It is one of the best games on mobile, and very fun to play, both solo and with friends. So, for this very special occasion, Supercell decided to surprise players with free gifts! Here is the official tweet from the Brawl Stars team:

Brawl Stars 1 Year Anniversary!

Brawl Stars First Anniversary surprises

Since it has been a year, and first anniversaries are always special, the Brawl Stars team has decided to give free gifts to the players. Players will get stuff like gold, power points for Brawlers, gems, and brawl boxes. These gifts will be in the shop till the 24th of December. Make sure to be a part of this event, and don’t miss out on the rewards!

Beta to Global: A great journey!

Supercell announced the beta launch of Brawl Stars on July 14, 2017, for iOS only. The following day, it was launched in the Canadian App Store. It was a beta launch unlike any other. Mobile gamers had never played a game like it before. It blew up on the App Store on the first day itself. Brawl Stars took mobile gaming by storm and became one of the best games ever introduced to the platform.

When Brawl Stars released, it was playable only in portrait mode. Instead of the joystick to move that it has today, it used tapping to move on release. It also had a Western theme to it, 15 OG Brawlers, and only 4 game-modes: Smash N Grab(Now called Gem Grab), Bounty, Heist (With only one safe, and one team had to defend while the other had to attack) and Solo Showdown (No Duos). It got its first update after a week or so of beta launch, and it introduced Piper as an epic Brawler. On Sept. 4, 2017, the devs added Brawl Ball as the new game-mode, and Mythic, Super Rare rarities. On December 5, 2017, the UI was changed, Western theme was removed, and Darryl( New Brawler), ticketed game-modes and Star Powers were introduced. March 9, 2018, saw Portrait mode replaced by Landscape, the introduction of auto-aim, removal of tap-to-move.

In the May 2018 update, Frank and Penny released, along with Heist 2.0( 2 safes instead of one), Trophy Road with rewards, Duo Showdown, and new UI. The game finally released on Android devices on June 26, 2018, in the soft launch countries. Just before going global, Brawl Stars underwent a complete make-over: Introduction of 3D environment, new Brawler Leon, new Brawler models, new UI, a major Darryl rework, and a lot of new skins.

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D-Day – The game releases globally!

brawl stars history

The big day – Global launch, dawned on 12th December 2018, with Brawl Stars slowly rolled out in all the countries. It quickly racked up a million downloads, and the number just kept increasing. It kept getting more updates, which have brought us to this day – the first anniversary of this great game. We hope that the game receives many more great updates, with a lot of new content. Happy Birthday, Brawl Stars!

If you like Brawl Stars, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. However, if you want to hang out and have fun with fellow mobile gamers (us) join our Discord!

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