Brawl Stars introduced Brawl Pass: Is it worth buying

Battle passes or Season Passes have become a growing trend in the Free To Play (F2P) gaming sector. PUBG, Fortnite, Call Of Duty Mobile, etc all, have passes that reward you more for unlocking the Premium versions. In Clash Of Clans, the pass is known as Gold Pass, while in Clash Royale it is known as the Pass Royale. This article, tells you everything there is to know about the new addition to Braw Stars, the Brawl Pass.

What is the Brawl Pass?

Clash Of Clans has the Gold Pass, while Clash Royale has the Pass Royale. Following suit, Brawl Stars will soon get the Brawl Pass. Just like Gold Pass gives extra resources in COC, the BP will give resources like gems, extra gold, and more. With this introduction of the BP, Brawl Stars has also followed the trend of adding Battle Passes in free games. Here is the official tweet that mentions the BP.

What will be the price of the Brawl Pass?

It is confirmed that the BP will be available for 170 gems in-game. This is good news for F2P players because they can use gems and not real money.

How will it affect the F2P audience?

A very large number of people who play Brawl Stars are free-to-play players. They have never spent money on the game, and likely never will. At the moment, the Brawl Pass is expected to have just cosmetic items like skins, and a few extra gems and gold. The F2P players have an opinion that if this is what the Pass will have, it won’t be a problem. Now, we just have to see if the Pass will indeed have what they are saying it will, or give paying players a massive advantage.

New Brawler Rarity: Chromatic

The developers have also hinted at a new Brawler rarity: Chromatic. This Chromatic Brawler will only be available to the premium BP holders at first, but in later seasons its rarity will decrease. This means that, in the first season, a Brawler will be Chromatic, in the next, it will be Mythic, and so on. With the rarity decreasing, the drop rates will also increase. Needless to say, this is a unique addition.

The new Chromatic Brawler who will be released in the first Brawl Pass Season is known as “Gale“. His rarity will be reduced as more seasons are introduced.

Brawl Stars Brawl Pass

Gems – Guaranteed on BP Path –

Ryan, the host of Brawl Talk, has said that gems will be removed from Brawl Boxes. This could have been bad news, but he announced that they will be guaranteed drops on the BP Path. This means gems will definitely be available in the Free Pass as well as the Premium Pass.

This is all that we currently know about the Brawl Pass. We will update the article as soon as we know more. In the meantime, if you are looking for more Brawl Stars content, we got you.

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