Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk (Enchanted Woods Update): New brawlers, Starr Drops and Enchanted skins

This place is Toxic!

With the current June 2023 Brawl Talk, Brawl Stars players will see two new Brawlers entering the game in the current Enchanted Woods Update. This will include a themed brawler in the form of Cordelius, who is a toxic presence from another dimension. Along with some new brawlers, there are enchanted skins that will be introduced by Supercell in this current update. With some mode changes and reward adjustments, we will close out our Brawl Talk with a major change in the game’s reward system. Let us break down the June 2023 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars in detail.

Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk: New Brawlers

In this section of the June 2023 Brawl Talk, we will talk about the new brawlers which are introduced in Brawl Stars with the Enchanted Woods Update.


Cordelius used to be an average gardener in the park, but the toxicity of the place drove him mad. Cordelius’ main attacks include two rapid mushrooms which he throws with his gardening tools. They deal quite a lot of damage, but their range is short. To make up for the short range, he’s a very fast Brawler, and he can also charge his Super by being next to the opponents. 

Brawl Stars June 2023 brawl talk, Brawl Stars Cordelius
Image via Supercell

If he hits his Super, he transports his and his opponent’s mind to a different reality. In this reality, Cordelius gets a speed and a reload speed buff, and his targets can’t use their Super or Gadgets, but they can still run and attack. 

He will stay in this reality for a determined amount of time, or until you defeat the enemy Brawler or get defeated by them. During the use of Cordelius Super, none of the other Brawlers can interfere with this combat. Cordelius will have a Spore-Mind Cordelius skin at the last tier of the Brawl Pass! 


Doug is the newest member of the Velocirapids Water Park, who is part of the trio of Buzz. The most carefree, friendly, chill member of the family, who likes to heal everyone around. This will depend on the distance between Doug and others. If one is on the opposing team, it deals damage instead of healing.

Brawl Stars June 2023 brawl talk, Brawl Stars Doug
Image via Supercell

Doug is the first Brawler who can revive another, or himself! He throws a floaty hot dog at his teammates which can also be used by himself. If players get defeated while you have the hot dog mark, they will be respawned. This hot dog mark expires. One must be wary of the timing to use it correctly. Doug should be released in early August with a 29-gem skin called Draco Doug! 

Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk: Enchanted and Pirate skins

Here is a list of different skins which will come to the game through this update. This involves the likes of Pirate skins, weird and creepy Enchanted skins, and more.

Enchanted Skins

  • Haunted House 8-BIT
  • Stone Troll Lou skin
  • Wood Spirit Chester skin
  • Dark Fairy Janet’s skin will be given out for free after the update.

Pirate skins

Brawl Stars Cursed Pirate skins
Image via Supercell
  • Megalodon skin
  • Sunken Chest Griff
  • Cursed Pirate Bibi

Other skins

  • Dark Tide Carl got slightly less dark and more vivid, and some details got improved as well.
  • Iris Tara now turned into Stara!
  • Smuggler Penny also got some adjustments to match Penny’s remodel and a new animation to match Penny’s remodel and a new animation! 
  • Phoenix Crow came from the ashes in a new brand design that makes him look so much cooler! He is getting a pin set, profile icon, spray, and a voiceover! If players owned the skin already, they will get all of those for free in the first month!
  • Bonnie is getting two 29-gem skins which are Unicorn Bonnie and Foot Bonnie.

Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk: Starr Drops, Payload changes and more

Starr Drops

There is a tease initially in the Brawl Talk which says that boxes should come back. The community had hinted that they are missing out on the surprise and excitement in the boxes’ reward system. The developers have introduced Starr Drops.

Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk, Brawl Stars starr drops
Image via Supercell

Every day, players can collect 3 Starr Drops! To get them, one needs to win matches, any kind of match. Get one Drop after your first win, another one on the 4th, and the last one on the 8th win of the day.  The Starr Drop has 5 rarities like the Brawlers which include the likes of Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary. Each time players tap the screen, they have a chance to upgrade the rarity of the Starr Drop. The higher the rarity, the better the item. 

Players get 1 item per Drop.  From those Starr Drops you can get Coins, Power Points, Credits, Bling, and Brawlers, and we also added Pins. These include some exclusive Pins you can only get from a Drop. Sprays, profile pictures, and even skins are also included. The skins players can get from the Starr Drop are the ones that you can get with Bling and that are not seasonal. Mythic and Legendaries are still only available for Gems. 

Re-adjustments due to Star Drops

These rewards have increased by 20% from before. To make each high rarity drop meaningful, devs had to reallocate some of the rewards you get from other places. Rewards from Club League, Power League, and a bit from the Brawl Pass are being transferred, which come at the end.

Payload changes

Payload is back with some changes. Players can now move and attack through the cart! Takedown and Wipeout are also back, based on the results of our in-game poll! There are more options on how to complete a quest. Players can also progress in the Premium Brawl Pass quests. Therefore, if a Pass is brought at any point of the season, they get all the rewards.

Final Thoughts

This Brawl Talk saw the last appearance of Paula in Brawl Stars’ famous Brawl Talk. She has taken an active part in Squad Busters, and with the new game from Supercell slowly inching towards a global release, she will support their team till it becomes a success. She has been an integral part of the Brawl Community for a long time, taking us across multiple Brawl Talks and all the Brawl fans along with her team would definitely miss her ever-glowing presence.

What are your thoughts on our Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk, discussing all about the Enchanted Woods Update? Make sure to comment below!

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