Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk: Biodome, new brawler Eve, two new game modes and more

The first update of Brawl Stars this year will bring a lot of new content!

Brawl Stars has announced the game’s first update for the year, which brings Season 11 of the Brawl Pass. With the announcement of the March 2022 Brawl Talk, Brawl Stars brings a new chromatic brawler, new environment, balance changes, and two new seasonal game modes. In this article, we will look at all the announcements for the upcoming season.

Brawl Stars Season 11: Biodome

The new season is titled “Biodome” and it introduces the players to a new environment. The latest environment is a lab in Starr Park, which is home to the botanist trio of Rosa, Bea and Sprout. A lot of experiments at the Biodome went wrong and have led to the update of seasonally themed skins for various existing brawlers.

New Chromatic Brawler: Eve

Eve is a small alien flea and is a member of the Starr Force trio of the space-based brawlers, Colonel Ruffs and Squeak. A caring mother, Eve will do anything it takes, to find a safe place for her babies. 

Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk
Image via Supercell Games

Eve rides her spaceship during battles, which gives her the unique ability to float over water and holes which makes her one of the best in the game, to retreat from battle and or catch enemies. The little alien has a long-ranged non-piercing attack, consisting of three projectiles, while her super places a big egg that hatches to reveal three hatchlings that follow the enemy like Tick’s super.

Enemies that are hit by the hatchlings will take damage over time, due to a poison mechanic. Eve will be a part of the Brawl Pass and like the previous seasons will be unlocked at Tier 30.

Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk: New Game Modes 

Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk
Image via Supercell Games


The game is a 3v3 battle where players are tasked with taking their carts, known as payload to the endpoint before the enemy is able to do so. The payload moves, when players are close to the payload, and standing close to the enemy payload will stop it from moving.


A mix of knockout and bounty, the objective is to kill enemy team brawlers a total of 8 times. Players respawn like bounty, but each kill carries one point instead of the stars on their head like in Bounty. The team that reaches 8 points first, or the team with the highest points at the end of the time limit, wins. With this game mode, the team of Brawl Stars is looking to push for more casual game modes.

Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk: New skins 

Eleven new skins will be introduced with the update. While eight skins are due to the failures in wonky experiments at the biodome, the other three are animal-based renditions of brawlers.

Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk
Upcoming Skins (Image credits : u/krysert)

Upcoming skins

  • Firefly Rico (Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 1)
  • Spiky Eve(Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 70)
  • Ivy Belle 
  • Mantis Rosa
  • Bettle Meg
  • Mr Fly 
  • Corrupted Sprout 
  • Dr Edgar
  • Wasp Bo ( Power League Skin)
  • Bunny Grom
  • Lion Bull (Club Shop)

Going forward, exclusive skins like seasonal skins, Power League skins, and Brawl Pass skins will be temporarily exclusive and will appear as offers in the shop, in about a year from their release, as explained by Frank in a tweet. This applies to the skins being released from this update, as all skins that were released earlier will remain exclusive.

The developers will also be releasing a set of True Silver and True Gold skins for Buzz, Ruffs, Sprout and Surge. Moreover other than the new skins, more animated pins are also going to be added. 

Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk: Duels, Basket Brawl and Siege 

Duels will still remain in the rotation as a seasonal game mode, while Basket Brawl marks a return as a seasonal game mode. Siege is being removed from the rotation, but will still be available in map maker. This change comes after being Siege was removed from the Power League match pool.

Power League and Club League Changes 

Power League progression system is getting a change, where winning two rounds without losing, grants more progress than before. On losing, the set players who have one match will lose fewer points. This change places equal importance on all three matches and will help players progress faster through the ranks.

On Day 3 of Club League, players will receive 6 tickets instead of 4, allowing for them to cover up if they stumbled on in the first two days. Additionally, players can buy as many power points, instead of restricting it to one per league.

Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk: Other changes 

  • The health gear is being buffed. Therefore, instead of augmenting healing when stationar,y it will now increase healing effectiveness by 50% at level 3.
  • New maps are being added to each mode. 
  • Knockout is being added to map maker.
  • Ten new second gadgets are being added to the game.
  • Wildcard powerpoints can now be found in boxes.
  • Showdown is the first game mode new players will engage in rather than Gem Grab.
  • Bounty, Knockout, Heist and Hot Zone will be rotation daily rather than hourly.

What are your thoughts on the Brawl Stars March 2022 Brawl Talk? Let us know in the comments below.

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What is a powerpoint wildcard and what dose it do?


If you get wildcard powerpoint out of a box, you can choose what brawler gets those power points after you’ve collected all of your rewards. So if i get like 34, i can choose a brawler to get 34 power points.

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