Brawl Stars Squeak Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

New brawler Squeak has been added to the game!

Brawl Stars has introduced a new brawler named Squeak. Brawl Stars is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed and published by the Finnish video game company Supercell. Squeak is a mythic rarity brawler and will be available to grab and test till the 23rd of May. In this article, we will guide you through the different abilities and the tips and tricks to master the newest brawler, Squeak in Brawl Stars.

New Character: Squeak

Coming with the description as “Colonel Ruff’s accidental creation, Squeak was born to play fetch.“, Squeak will surprise the players by its super ability called “Sticky Blomb” and “Big Blob“. This fighter class brawler has decent speed, health and damage who can cause uncomfortableness to other players if used wisely. Opponents need to watch out for his sticky bombs and big blobs in games.

Brawl Stars Squeak Guide
A new brawler in Brawl Stars – Squeak

How to unlock Squeak in Brawl Stars

Players can get it from random boxes even if they don’t own him. In case anyone wants him permanently, they are welcome to buy it from the store for 349 gems. Unlock this cute and deadly brawler and have some fun with his ability to destroy opponents!

Abilities of Squeak


The basic attack of Squeak is called “Sticky Blomb“. It spreads some blob of goo around it and whether a wall or targets get stacked and damaged after a brief delay. Opponents can also pick the shells from its blob up and can cause damage to the entire team if they get together.


Squeak’s superpower “Big Blob” can get charged up after four hits and sends six smaller sticky blombs in all directions. These blombs can cause upto 1000 damage at level 1 and increases to 1400 at level 9. Players will have only one gadget called “Windup” with this brawler.

Star Power

Squeak’s star power is called “Chain Reaction” where each opponent within the area of a sticky Blomb’s explosion increases the Blomb’s damage by 10%. This helps to break enemies when they are trying to make a group together.

Brawl Stars Squeak Guide

Tips and tricks to master Squeak in Brawl Stars

In this section of the Squeak Guide, we will discuss on the tips and tricks to master the newest brawler in Brawl Stars.

1. Using the gadget: Windup

Use the gadget Windup in a small area but not to the upper and lower screen enemies. This is because if one wants to hit a long distance, it becomes impossible to aim at seeing enemies. It is recommended to attack horizontally so that players can easily see opponents and attack more effectively.

2. Take the first star power, then take the second

While playing the showdown mode in Brawl Stars, always be sure to take the first star power. If one sees the effectiveness of slowing enemies is good for you in this mode, take the second one to get an upper hand while the other teammates rush.

Brawl Stars Squeak GuideBrawl Stars Squeak Guide

3. Don’t forget the reload speed

It is uncomfortable in direct combat as Squeak has a slow reloading speed. You have to wait for the right moment and always remember to reload when he is out of range as opponents will take some time to catch him in their range.

4. Be aware of opponents jumping ability

In the 3V3 brawl mode, when Dyna is on the opposite team, Squeak can prevent the attacks by jumping and the blombs won’t deal any damage. It means brawlers like Surge, Primo, Edgar etc. can also prevent getting damage with the jumping ability. One must keep this in mind while playing!

Brawl Stars Squeak Guide

5. Keep in mind when using super

When his Super is being used, timing and aiming correctly is very crucial. Because Squeak’s super “Big Blob” will take some time to explode. This makes it easy to avoid getting damage though it can cover a large area.

6. Don’t rush blindly

Squeak does not have much firepower. It is recommended not to rush blindly without knowing the capabilities. Support the brawler with the most firepower in your team by staying behind it.

Things to remember in Heist

With his Super ability, it is very effective in Heist Mode as a damage up to 8400 can be dealt to a single opponent, in case one can manage to catch him alone. Even if it takes some time to explode, one can always choose to use his Super in his own preferred way to outnumber the enemies.

These are all you can keep in mind while playing with Squeak in Brawl Stars! What are your thoughts on our Squeak Guide in Brawl Stars? Make sure to comment below!

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