Bren Esports emerges as the Mobile Legends M2 World Championship winner

Bren Esports is the new world Champion

Mobile Legends World Championships or The M2 was held in Singapore with 12 teams competing against each other for the world champion title. This year we saw a lot of new teams from different regions emerging and giving a hard time to the SEA giants. From them, Burmese Ghouls rose up to the top competing against Bren Esports in the finals. After the intensive battle between them, Bren Esports becomes the Mobile Legends M2 World Championship winner. The team won against Burmese Ghouls by 4-3 in the final round.

Path to the Finals of M2 World Championship

Burmese Ghouls reached the finals by beating RRQ hoshi 3-2 in a best of 5 match whereas Bren Esport reached the finals by beating RRQ hoshi 2-1 in a best of 3 match after them in the second semi finals. Bren Esports was led by Lancelot specialist KarlTzy. Though both of the teams were extremely strong against RRQ Hoshi who is the current MPL champion in the Indonesia region. All the fans from all around the world were waiting to see the much awaited fight.

Bren Esports M2 championship winner
Bren Esports winner of the M2 World championship

Analysis of the Grand Finale

The final round was for 7 matches in total and every round was extremely competitive. Burmese Ghouls had a aggressive start and were dominating the early game in the first round. But Bren finally understood the play style of the Burmese Ghouls and had an epic comeback in the late game, thus winning 2 rounds consecutively.

But Burmese Ghouls gradually caught them up and took the points to 3-3. The last round or the 7th round was amazing with Burmese Ghouls using the Minsithar-Brody Combo and Bren Esports using their funnel strategy with Claude in the drafts. Burmese ghouls started aggressively and held their dominance till the mid-game. In the late game, Bren Esports finally made an epic comeback and stood strong and got the 1st lord and tilted the match. With leading farm and turrets advantage, Bren Esports had the match in their hands.

Finally, Bren Esports bagged their first M2 World Championship title along with the lion’s share from the $300000 prize pool also Burmese Ghouls getting the runners up title. In addition to that, KarlTzy of Bren Esports was declared as the Finals MVP and was awarded $3,000.

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