BRIXITY is a new mobile sandbox city-builder by Devsisters, now available on Android and iOS

New Relaxing City-Builder Game From the CookieRun Developer

Devsisters is filled with anticipation as they introduce BRIXITY, an innovative mobile city-building game, crafted by the creators of the acclaimed CookieRun IP franchise. This new game is now available to players globally on both Android and iOS platforms.

Build, explore, and connect in the world of BRIXITY

Brixity presents a serene sandbox city-building game where individuals have the opportunity to swiftly construct Brix and establish their urban landscapes to rejuvenate Earth. The players are enabled to manifest their imaginative concepts systematically, similar to reimagining renowned architectural wonders, crafting Brix representations of their pets, or any abstract idea they can conceive. The option to devise and exchange blueprints with other global players is also at their disposal.

Brixity REX
Image via Devsisters

Within this virtual realm, players are at liberty to stroll through each other’s urban creations, engaging with a fully immersive third-person setting that allows them to deeply appreciate the array of ingenuity on display. Acquiring blueprints for desired structures is an option, facilitating the prospect of recreating these designs in their own personal spaces. Furthermore, participants possess the capability to appraise preferred metropolises through likes or follow functionalities, thereby providing encouragement to fellow designers.

The concept behind Brixity revolves around restoring Earth following its downfall five centuries earlier due to disregard. The human inhabitants referred to as Pipos, had withdrawn to other planets until they mastered the remarkable Brix technology. Tasked with the Earth’s reconstruction, players alongside the Pipos work collectively to achieve this goal. Distinguished by individual traits such as personalities, looks, and professions, each Pipo offers distinct interactions.

Brixity launches with CookieRun collaboration

To celebrate its official launch, Devsisters intends to host a cross-promotion event involving their mobile game series CookieRun. Players of CookieRun: Ovenbreak will be able to acquire assorted items, lobby skins, and bear jelly skins in the game by accomplishing diverse tasks such as account linking and completing Earth restoration stages in the newly launched game Brixity. Similarly, CookieRun: Kingdom players will have the opportunity to obtain various items, Brixity-themed decorations, and castle skins through cross-promotion.

For players engaged in Brixity, there are rewards in the form of 2 CookieRun-themed blueprints and 5 different kinds of special Cookie brix, all attainable by successfully finishing the CookieRun collaboration mission within the game.

Upon its release, Brixity will offer language support in Korean, English, and Japanese. The game can be downloaded worldwide from the Google Play Store for Android devices as well as the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Additional details regarding the game can be accessed on the official website.

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