Builderment, a factory simulation game opens pre-registration on Android ahead of global release on August 8th

Show off your crafting skills!

Builderment, a factory simulation game, is scheduled to release for Android on August 8, 2023. Currently open for pre-registration, the game had its initial release on iOS platforms back in 2021 and is coming to the Android platform after 2 years and over 1.5 million downloads on iOS.

Builderment presents a fun balance between crafting and automation

You stumble upon a dire situation where Earth has run out of its resources, and you find yourself on a distant planet, tasked with the mission of extracting resources, establishing a base, and teleporting these precious items back home. However, the challenge of teleporting across the vast galaxy looms ahead, making automation a necessity.

Builderment gameplay
Image via Builderment LLC

So the journey begins with resource harvesting and the construction of factories to produce a range of crafted items. These crafted items play a pivotal role in your quest to unlock advanced buildings and recipes, enabling you to create even more increasingly complex components from basic raw materials as you progress further.

The game allows you to build factories on a large scale as researching technology helps you to advance your production capabilities. As the trailer gives a glimpse, conveyor belts can be used to transport items between your factories. Progress as you grow your factory to harvest every resource on the map.

Players can pre-register for the game on Android via the Google Play Store ahead of its global release on August 8th. If you are on iOS, the game has already launched, which can be accessed via the App Store.

What are your thoughts on Builderment now open pre-registration ahead of global release for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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