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Call of Duty Mobile is taking user opinions about Controllers and Emulators

Usage of emulators or the discussion of Controllers in Call of Duty Mobile is a hot topic in the community since its release. Activision has already confirmed in an interview that they are testing out various possibilities and controller support is one of them. Just now, an official staff in Call of Duty Mobile discord posted about the user feedback. And it clearly signifies that Call of Duty Mobile is taking user opinions into consideration.

Here is the original Discord post,

now that Call of Duty: Mobile has been released and is playable by our global community we would like to take a temperature reading on what the community thinks regarding the topic of controllers, emulators, and if they should be supported. We know that the community is very passionate about this topic and want to make sure that we hear all sides before making any decisions. So we have put together a survey for you all to have your voices and opinions heard. Feel free to click the link to fill it out.

So what’s next?

It is a good thing that Call of Duty Mobile is taking user opinions before taking a big step. They have also mentioned that there will be a community discussion regarding this topic on 13.10.2019 at 9 PM PDT. And everyone is welcome to join and give their additional thoughts regarding the same.

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Although many people will not prefer controller support in Call of Duty Mobile, a huge chunk of the gamers is actually waiting for this. And this survey and the discussion regarding the same will probably play a key role in the final decision of Activision. However, people should keep in mind that Controller support was there in Call of Duty Mobile during the beta phase, so chances are very high that Activision will bring it back again if the community does not paint a negative picture.

call of duty mobile controller support
call of duty mobile controller settings during the beta phase

And about Emulation in Call of Duty Mobile, the lobby is already different. Activision has announced previously that Emulators will only be matched with emulators. But what they are trying to discuss now, it will be nice to see once the end results come.

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