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Call of Duty Mobile stuck at loading screen: Activision is working on a fix

Just after the release of Call of Duty Mobile, the game servers are getting a high amount of traffic, causing problems connecting to the game servers. It has been less than 12 hours since the most hyped mobile game of the year, Call of Duty Mobile became available globally. But popularity became the reason for the problem as many players started experiencing that Call of Duty stuck at loading screen.

Players have been started panicking about this issue. And a huge wave of social media comments started coming towards Call of Duty Mobile. So, finally, Activision responsed to the players.

Update, Call of Duty Mobile. We’re experiencing an incredibly high-volume of traffic currently. We’re working to resolve as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience

Reason for Call of Duty Mobile getting stuck at loading screen?

Probably, Activision did not expect this much traffic on the very first day. So, they did not take enough precautions to handle this amount of gamers. However, as the Call of Duty franchaise is an immensely popular series, so this is not something unnatural. Many of the gamers might be thinking if their phone’s system has to do anything with this. But as Activision has confirmed it is purely a server issue, so its all good with the phone.

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When this issue is getting fixed?

Issues like this are not uncommon for popular games, especially at the launch. So, for a company like Activision, it should not take more than a couple of days to fix it. But if they fail to fix the “Call of Duty Mobile stuck at loading screen” issue then they might lose a huge chunk of their player base.

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