Catalyst Black is a modern-day MOBA that is entering iOS early access next month

Around a little more than a month ago, Super Evil Megacorp, the makers of the popular MOBA game Vainglory, revealed their brand new upcoming title named Catalyst Black. Previously codenamed Project Spellfire, Catalyst Black has been in development for quite some time. Its genre is referred to as a ‘battleground shooter’ by the developers. Super Evil Megacorp has stated earlier that we would get to play Catalyst Black “later this year”. Now it looks like at least a specific set of users will get to experience this game earlier than most others as Catalyst Black is entering early access next month for iOS users.

However, if you are unaware of the game, you can check our previous post on Catalyst Black here.

The Early Access Program is called ‘Secret Service’

As stated in their official blog, starting from August 12, 2020, Super Evil Megacorp will begin accepting applicants for their early access program. This early access program for Catalyst Black, called Secret Service, is only available to iOS users for now. The developers would be using a beta testing application named TestFlight to manage the early access program. Since Catalyst Black will be in early access for iOS users participating in this program, the developers have stated in their blog that players may experience service interruptions, along with bugs and glitches. In addition to that, there would be no provision for micro-transactions during this program; players would not be able to buy in-game items with real currency.

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The gameplay looks really interesting!

How to enter Catalyst Black iOS Early Access?

If you want to be a part of the Secret Service, the early access program for Catalyst Black in iOS, here’s how you can get in –

  • Join the official Discord Server for Catalyst Black
  • Open a direct message with the Discord BOT named Catalyst Black#1323
  • Type the following command – !secretservice
  • Provide the required information asked (Eg, Email ID)

What happens after you register?

The selection process for this early access program is randomized. At the start of the program, 50 users will be randomly selected, each day. The selection process will run every 12 hours. However, the developers have stated that these numbers may change depending on their requirements. In case you’re selected, you will receive a message from the BOT confirming your selection. You will be tagged as an Agent in the official Discord server along with access to a private channel, exclusive for Agents. An email, inviting you to TestFlight, will be sent to you once the program begins. After that, you will have access to an early access version of Catalyst Black which you can play on your iOS device.

The early access program starts from August 12, therefore, it’s only a matter of weeks. There’s no guarantee that registering early will confirm your entry to the program but there’s also no point in delaying. If you are an iOS user and are into MOBA video games, this might be your chance to play the game months before it’s final release. And if you are an android user, you have to wait until further announcements.

You can watch the Early Access trailer for Catalyst Black here

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