Catalyst Black: Super Evil Megacorp revealed a new team-based shooter

If you’re into the MOBA genre, you must have played or at least heard of Vainglory. The game is developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp. It seems like the very same studio has a brand new treat for us. Super Evil Megacorp very recently revealed their upcoming title, Catalyst Black.

Super Evil Megacorp has been working on this game for quite a while, which was codenamed “Project Spellfire”. However, they finally revealed the final title of the game as Catalyst Black, and defined its genre as a “battleground shooter”.

“Our aspiration here has been to take top-down shooters to the next level, much like Halo did with first-person shooters on console.” – Kevin Michael ‘Cloaken’ Johnson, Live Design Director.

Catalyst Black is introducing a new genre – Battleground Shooter

catalyst black, catalyst black gameplay
Photo via Catalyst Black YouTube

Catalyst Black features multiple massive maps where players can drop-in and out anytime, and engage in activities that involve both NPCs as well as other players. The game is regarded as a PvEvP where players simultaneously fight against the various NPC enemies while fighting against other rival players. The game can support up to 20 players in a team who would be helping each other in battles. When asked about more clarification regarding their new “battleground shooter” genre, Q ‘SurpriseBirthday’ Wang, Game Director, said that the game isn’t focused on a single game mode or map, rather all of them combined together; for example, boss battles taking place while players are already participating in some other PvE or PvP activity.

Character Customization in its core

The developers also stated that unlike Vainglory where your gameplay depended on the character/hero you choose, Catalyst Black will instead focus on the players’ gears. The game allows you to choose whatever weapon suits you best. Players have access to a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, an active ability, and a passive ability.  This allows you to completely customize your playstyle, combining features of different character classes typically found in most games. In addition to that, the game also features a Mask, which when equipped, transforms you into a primal god. Similar to how you customize your human character, Mask or primal form can also be customized based on your preference.

When Catalyst Black will be released?

As revealed by the developers, Catalyst Black is currently in its pre-alpha stage of development. The developers did not explicitly mention which platforms they would be releasing the game for. However, they did mention in their official website that they are working towards “maximum accessibility across all platforms”. Given the fact that Vainglory features cross-platform gameplay, we can safely assume that Catalyst Black will be definitely out for mobile devices and most likely for PC as well. We do not have an official release date yet, but the developers have stated in their official blog that we might get to play the game “later this year”.

You can check out the full Catalyst Black reveal interview below to find out more details

Let us know in the comments whether you are excited about this game. Tell us what you think of the new “battleground shooter” genre.

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I’m really looking forward to this game. Thank you for bringing this up.


Even we are super excited about the game.

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