Catalyst Black: Super Evil Megacorp’s team-based shooter is set to release globally on May 25, 2022

Experience epic battles, refreshing team combat, and endless combinations of guns with unique abilities

With the release of battleground shooter Catalyst Black on May 25, Super Evil Megacorp, a creator of core games adapted for touchscreen, will introduce players to a new universe of epic battles, powerful firearms, adjustable powers, and mystical primal from another realm. The high-quality mobile game will be playable on touch screens and controllers right away, and it will be scaled up from mobile to huge screens.

Catalyst Black, which will be available on iOS and Android, was created with Super Evil’s primary idea in mind gamers on any device deserve to play beautiful, responsive, and shared experiences regardless of the device or control method they use. This guiding philosophy also drives Super Evil’s unique E.V.I.L. engine, which powers Catalyst Black and is known for delivering high-performance graphics and precision controls across a wide range of hardware and screen sizes.

Explore the exotic Welkin Islands and acquire rich caches of power in Catalyst Black

In Catalyst Black, players will take to the sky on an adventure to find vast caches of power hidden around the exotic Welkin Islands. The Welkins, who float high above Kyria, provide near endless access to the mystical resource catalyte, but also possess the secrets of Catalyst Black itself.

Mistral Fragments
Image via Super Evil Megacorp

Players can personalize their loadout by collecting, upgrading, and customizing items to achieve the ideal combination for their playstyle. The 30+ firearms, 12+ abilities, 15+ trinkets, and 6 primals are all available from the start, allowing for profound theorycrafting and strategy contrasts — such as chasing kills as a long-range sniper, dueling other players as a cunning assassin, and opposing the opponent as a primal hunter.

A primal: mythical monster capable of decimating the entire opponent team, each commanding their own strengths, is included in this loadout. To swing the tide of combat, players must choose the best time to transform into their primordial and unleash devastation.

Choose from a wide variety of exciting modes

Players can choose from a variety of game modes in Catalyst Black, including Hydra, in which they can face other players and bosses in a PvEvP battle; Slayer, in which they can beat foes for points toward victory; and Eventide, in which they will fight for control of an ancient fortress. 

Catalyst Black takes mobile-first games to a new level both by offering input flexibility and through its accessible yet deep, action-packed gameplay,” said Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of Super Evil Megacorp. He further added,

With Catalyst Black we wanted to build something in an area we felt players were underserved. Catalyst Black offers skilled combat, deep loadout customization and choice, and joyful moments powered by our primals. We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us and look forward to evolving with our community once live!

Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of Super Evil Megacorp.

The game also introduces a drop-in gameplay option that allows users to join ongoing matches with friends. Parties allow groups of friends to join matches on the same team, providing deeper tactical and social interactions for gamers wanting a more shared experience.

By pre-registering now at the official website, players will be notified when the game releases on May 25. In-game rewards are unlocked at major pre-registration milestones, such as a Rocket Launcher, Star Chest, and Flamethrower.

Are you excited as Catalyst Black is going to release globally on May 25, 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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