CATAN: World Explorers – new AR game from Niantic is up for pre-registration

After the success of the highly acclaimed Pokemon Go, Niantic Studios are working on yet another Augmented Reality (AR) title on the mobile platform called CATAN: World Explorers. The game is Niantic’s fourth AR release and by the looks of things, the studio isn’t finished just yet. However, CATAN: World Explorers is already up for pre-registration and is expected to launch soon. The official site says the upcoming game “transforms the entire Earth into one giant game of CATAN.”

What is CATAN: World Explorers all about?

The game is based mainly on the widely known Catan board game. In the game, you are required to find and collect several resources that you can use to build cities, towns, roads, and make things look very civilized.

Your goal is to try and accumulate a high number of victory points. Apart from Pokemon Go, Niantic is also known as the genius developer behind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite(2019) and Ingress(2012).

A location-based multiplayer

CATAN: World Explorers also uses a location template likes Pokemon Go. However, the key focus in World Explorers us to trade, harvest, and build. While you’re playing Catan, you’re also able to explore the virtual recreation of your actual real-life surroundings. As you do, you’ll come upon different useful resources like Lumber, Ore, Wool, Brick, and Grain.

Some of the resources will be very easy to get as they will be scattered all around your area. While some will be quite far for you to reach.

Niantic games are also known for their IAP’s, which means you may have to trade with NPCs in other to get what you want. Although it’s a board game, so you will be given some development cards which you can use to increase or boost your progress and convert your little towns to megacities.

CATAN: World Explorers
It’ll be a location-based multiplayer

Teaming up is the key

However, most of the roads and their expansions are going to cost you a considerable amount of resources. So if you want to spend less and still get the job done, it is recommended that you team up with friends or other players and compete, almost like a guide.

That is doable at both local and global levels. But if you’d prefer to play along with your close friends, you have an option that will enable you to create a personal custom match. If you manage to win lots of rewards, some of them will be carried over to future events.

When will Catan: World Explorers release?

CATAN: World Explorers is currently up for pre-registration at the official site. Though there’s no confirmed release date from Niantic about its launch yet, we can confirm that the game will launch in beta ‘very soon‘. Sources say that Catan is merely one of over 10 games that Niantic studios have in development. Some of which will include prototypes for AR wearables. Furthermore, likely all of the upcoming titles are keen on focusing on being outdoors, movement, and social interaction.

To conclude, we can say that CATAN: World Explorers is highly anticipated because of Niantic’s expertise in the AR genre. So pre-register now for the game and enjoy at launch!

What is your opinion on CATAN: World Explorers? Are you excited about the game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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