ChargeUp Games debuts as developer-friendly Mobile Game Publisher

Mobile gaming has developed fast over the years. Also, mobile gaming is dynamic as new games and apps are launched each year. Some app developers are struggling to widen their clientele due to stiff competition. Mobile Game Partners (MGP) and Digital Development Management (DDM) recently announced that they had formed ChargeUp Games. Read on to learn more about the new mobile publisher.

The Formation of ChargeUp Games

Mobile Game Partners (MGP) has talented mobile game developers. The agency focuses on maintaining its stellar track record. Digital Development Management (DDM) is a video game agency that creates opportunities for game developers to publish, distribute and support games. The two agencies partnered to improve business models of mobile game developers and formed ChargeUp Games.

Adam Flanders and Kevin Flynn, the Co-founders of MGP initiated the formation of the mobile publisher. They noted that some publishers treat game developers unfairly as they demand up to 50 percent of the revenue they generate from mobile games. Besides, some of them take the rights to the franchise and the Internet Protocol (IP). The two investors have immense experience in strategic business development. They are determined to offer a fair model that will enable developers to be in control of the mobile video games that they build.

The Mobile Gaming Market

The mobile game industry generates about $100 billion each year. One percent of game publishers receive close to 95 percent of this revenue, according to Kevin Flynn. The store charts have been constant for four years. Unlike in 2012, when they often changed daily. Flynn stated that some publishers control the economies of scale in the industry. ChargeUp will help small companies have more shares in the mobile game market.

Although ChargeUp is a new company, it comprises experienced game developers and consultants. Adam and Kevin told GamesBeat that the publisher will help developers market and promote games. The two investors believe that mobile gaming transformed the gambling industry. Yet, many traditional publishers haven’t changed their practices. They are only interested in taking part in the income game developers get and they make little effort in marketing games.

ChargeUp Games

Flynn stated that mobile publishing models have lagged in the industry. Epic Games also adduced the same challenges and it recently announced that it would start publishing console and PC games as a third party. Flanders and Flynn discussed with Joe Minton, President of DDM, the importance of promoting mobile games. Minton stated in an email that Adam and Kevin’s expertise in mobile publishing impresses him and he has known them for a while.

The new game publisher will take a negotiated lower base on how it helps developers in the early and late stages of mobile game improvement. Also, developers might have the mental property rights of their products.

Many bookies and app developers have built websites that mobile phones can support. Some publishers avoid taking risks thus offering little or no guarantee to app developers. At times, publishers sign up many games at once and sit back to watch how they will perform. Also, they demand half of the revenue that a game developer earns. ChargeUp will bring equity in the mobile game market and meet the needs of developers.

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