Clash Mini December 2021 Update Patch Notes: New Hero, two new Minis, Balance Changes, Clashmas and more

Celebrate Clashmas in style!

Clash Mini, Supercell’s strategy board game set in the Clash Universe, released its first update in November. To address some issues, add new minis, the game is receiving a mid-season update. The update will also be celebrating the holiday season in Clash-style, namely Clashmas. Clash Mini will be also be released in Chile soon, as per an announcement via Twitter. Here is the full Patch Notes breakdown of the Clash Mini December 2021 Update.

Clash Mini December 2021 Update: Clashmas

The holiday season is approaching in the Clash Mini world as well. Following the tradition of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Clash Mini is set to receive season-themed quests and mini sets.  Players will get special Clashmas event quests that will reward players with standard rewards like coins and carrots. Completing all the seasonal quests will unlock an exclusive  “Candy Elf” Spear Goblin skin.

Clash Mini December 2021 Update
Clashmas Quests, Candy Elf Skin ( Image via Clash Mini YouTube)

Upcoming Skins

Apart from the Candy Elf skins, Clash Mini is getting six new Clashmas-themed mini skins

Clash Mini December 2021 Update
New skins (Image via Clash Cory)
  • Jolly Barbarian King
  • Gift Package Giant Skeleton
  • Sparkle Archer
  • Helpful Mini
  • Snowler
  • Crystal Pekka

New Hero: Royal Champion

Royal Champion (Image via Supercell)
Royal Champion (Image via Supercell)

Royal Champion is a long-ranged hero who throws spears to deal damage to the opponents. For her super, she throws a shield that instantly stuns the opponent. With her super, if she takes down the enemy, she regains full energy.

Two New Minis: Musketeer and Prince

Musketeer from Clash Royale makes her way to Clash Mini. A long-ranged damage dealer, Musketeer is the perfect support for melee troops. With her super, she has the ability to stun and push back enemies while dealing damage.

Two new Minis: Musketeer and Prince (Image via Clash Mini)
Two new Minis: Musketeer and Prince (Image via KairosTime – Clash Mini)

Prince is a melee damage dealer who charges as a part of his clash ability dealing high damage and also knocking back the opponent.

Clash Mini December 2021 Update Patch Notes: Balance Changes


Archer Queen

At Level 9, Archer Queen will gain 1 HP, instead of reducing the energy cost of Crossbow by 1.


  • Level 6 stat nerfed to HP+1 from HP+2
  • Level 7 stat nerfed to Attack Speed +0.15“ from “Attack Speed +0.25“
  • Level 9 stat nerfed to “Attack Speed +0.2“ from “Attack Speed +0.25“

Barbarian King

Super – Iron Fist now affects all allies on Lv1

Barbarian King gains a newfound ability at Level 5, Iron Fist now heals Barbarian King for 4 HP.


Level 5 or above Monk starts the battle with 3 energy.


Giant Skeleton

  • Nerf: Bomb explosion delay increased to 2s from 1s.
  • Bugfix: Base Bomb should only stun for 1s instead of 1.5s; Upgrade – Flashbang should increase the stun duration to 2.5s in total.

Electro Wizard

  • Base HP reduced to 5 from 7
  • HP growth reduced to 2 from 3 for each upgrade.
  • Attack Speed reduced to 0.6 from 0.650
  • Zzzap stun duration reduced to 1s from 1.5s
  • Upgrade – Fork: Extra target reduced to 1 from 2


  • Attack Speed reduced to 0.3 from 0.35
  • Strrrrrike!!! stun duration reduced to 1.5s from 2s
  • Upgrade: Crushing extra stun duration reduced to 2s from 3s
  • Bug-fix: Upgrade – On a Roll was stunning for 3s, the correct duration should be 1.5s and it is fixed now
  • Strrrrrike!! casting time increased from 0.6s to 1s


  • Base Attack Speed increased to 0.6 from 0.4
  • Base HP increased to 7 from 6

Healing Ranger

Energy to cast reduced to 4.

Battle Healer

  • Base HP increased to 11 from 10
  • Attack Speed increased to 0.6 from 0.45


  • Base HP increased to 11 from 9.
  • Attack Speed growth increased to 0.15 from 0.1

Dart Goblin

  • Base HP increased to 6 from 5
  • Stun Shot stun is being nerfed to 1s from 2s while the chance to trigger has been increased slightly.

Clash Mini December 2021 Update: Quality of Life Changes

  • A much-needed feature that players have been asking for is finally being added to the game. Deck slots with a capacity of 3 preferred mini decks is coming with the December update.
  • The ability to duel with friends is coming with the update. Mini Rooms will allow players to practice in both Duel and Rumble. A thing to note is that progress made in Mini Rooms will neither count towards Quests nor toward Ranked play.
  • Challenge coins are being removed from the game giving players the ability to play as many ranked matches as they wish. 
  • A new in-game currency, Crystal coin is being added. The special currency will be used to buy special skins from the shop. The coins can be obtained from extra Hero and Mini fragments on reaching the maximum level/star level
  • More diverse daily quests will be added and a larger pool of hero quests are being added.
  • Extra energy on Electro Valley is being reduced to 2 from 4.

Game Optimizations

  • Clash Mini now consumes much less battery on various devices.
  • Improved performance and a bunch of optimization on various devices.
  • Clash Mini now consumes much less battery on various devices.
  • Pathfinding of various minis improved.

What are your thoughts on the first update of Clash Mini? Let us know in the comments section below.

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