Clash Mini January 13, 2023 Update: Balance Changes, Bug Fixes and more

Few changes and fixes!

Clash MiniSupercell’s strategy board game set in the Clash Universe, will receive a patch update on January 13, 2023. Officially announced by the Clash Mini team, the update will mainly focus on the balance changes of the Heroes and Minis, while also fixing a few identified bugs reported by the players.

Clash Mini January 13, 2023 Update Balance Changes details

Both the Heroes and Minis have got a few Balance Changes, which are as below:


Archer Queen

Clash Mini Archer Queen
Image via Supercell
  • Base HP has been increased to 11 from 10.
  • New second ability: Inspire: Gains 20% Hit Speed when casting Super. Each level from Lv2 to Lv4 will gain +10% Hit Speed.
  • Third Ability: Queen’s Gambit: When HP drops below 50%, she and surrounding allies gain Invisible for 2.5s (Once per round)



  • Third upgrade: Rush: can no longer be stacked

Ice Wizard

  • Main Ability: Frost Bolt: Slightly decreased the percentage of attack speed reduction
  • The third upgrade: Ice Block: Freeze himself and nearby allies, becoming unable to move and attack but immune to the damage. Status ends after 2.5s. (changed from 3s, and remove status ends after being attacked once)

Dart Goblin

  • The third upgrade: Power Shot: Deals +2 damage against enemies with Block or Shield (from 2x damage)

Battle Healer

  • The second upgrade: Shining Plate: Allies receiving Healing Wave gain Block for 2.5s (from 3s)
  • Fixed the bug that some scenarios will stack up Block unexpectedly
clash mini
Image via Supercell

Bug Fixes and other updates

  • The bug was fixed where the KO ability cannot be triggered when being hit by Mucho Puncho.
  • The bug was fixed where Lava Golem super would KO Barbarian King instantly.
  • Extended Mini Pass 3 until April 3rd and added 40 more tiers of rewards (total of 80). Price adjusted accordingly to reflect this change as well.
  • Adjusted Trophy gain to facilitate a more friendly Trophy climbing experience for new players before reaching Silver 3 and Grand Master players before reaching Legendary league.

What are your thoughts on the January 13, 2023 update of Clash Mini? Let us know in the comments section below.

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