Clash of Clans confirms Builder Base 2.0 will have fewer stronger troops with active triggered abilities

Major builder base rework incoming

Clash of Clans Game Lead Stuart said in the past that Supercell intends to completely rework Builder Base with the next big update known as Builder Base 2.0. The designers shared their comprehensive plan for the whole rework of the Builder Base, which is intended to make it more interesting for players of all levels.

The Builder Base 2.0 upgrade is anticipated to be released in the first part of this year. In preparation for the next major update, the developers are now implementing new concepts and developing prototypes. The developers have lately been playtesting several prototypes of Builder Base 2.0, and they have just provided some sneak peeks at those prototypes. These prototypes include new ideas like fewer stronger troops and active triggered abilities.

Supercell aims to make Builder Base more tactically enjoyable

In the previous blog, Supercell already shared their detailed plan regarding the Builder Base 2.0 rework. The creators want to create a fresh experience for Builder Base that the players will enjoy more by highlighting the positive aspects of the game while keeping the negative aspects asides.

The developers have already addressed three significant problems that are now occurring with the Builder Base, and these issues will be fixed in the next version. It includes the limitation of using more creativity in attacks on the higher builder halls.

Image via Supercell

The problem of insufficient awards, which players often encounter following the conclusion of a match, has also been addressed by the developers. The significant level of randomness that is present in the verses fights of the Builder Base was discussed in the blog published before. Overall, the developers have confirmed that Builder Base 2.0 will not have any versus battles.

New prototypes featuring two new additions are already being playtested

Clash of Clans Game Lead Stuart came back again this week with more updates about the Builder Base 2.0 update. It was revealed that they have been playtesting various prototypes of the reworked Builder Base 2.0. The developers are now working on two potential additions, which include having fewer stronger troops and giving more troops active triggered abilities.

But a Supercell employee, u/Darian_CoC, recently gave a disclaimer on Reddit that these are still prototypes that are being experimented with and not necessarily something that will make it to the final version.

According to the developers, fewer but stronger troops in attack will make the battles less spammy and allow the players to use more of their creativity in the attacks. The developers also plan to reduce the number of troops in the battle, to make the troops more heroic. To do so, they are trying new features where troops can gain active triggered abilities like heroes.

In addition, Supercell has said on their blog that the development of the rework is still in its very early stages and that the company is not focusing on making everything absolutely flawless at this time. They are currently attempting to determine whether or not these additions will make the game more enjoyable to play. Once everything has been decided, the Supercell team will focus entirely on the new features and make sure that they are polished before adding them to the game.

Are you excited about the changes Supercell is set to introduce in Clash of Clans with the upcoming Builder Base 2.0 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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