Clash of Clans: Supercell plans to renovate the Builder Base with the Builder Base 2.0 update

Say your Goodbyes to the Versus Battles!

Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans have recently announced that they are renovating the Builder Base in early 2023. The devs have taken the user feedback seriously as the current Builder Base isn’t as rewarding and involving enough and plan to rectify their mistakes with the upcoming Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update next year.

Supercell plans to right all the wrongs with the upcoming Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update

Over the years, The Builder Base has been the most neglected part by Supercell in its content updates. It’s indeed true that once a player upgrades to Builder Hall 9 and unlocks the all-important 6th Builder, there isn’t any incentive to play in the game.

In its next update, the devs plan to create a new Builder Base experience that will be more of players’ favorite element of the game by enforcing the positives and removing the downsides. Over the update, the devs plan to fix:

  • Lacking the fun element
  • Less-Rewarding
  • Less-Convenient

1. Lacking the fun element

The devs have acknowledged finally that the tight tactical vibe that is present at the beginning disappears as players move through higher and higher Builder Halls. The abundance of defenses in the later Builder Halls causes the defensive meta to have a death ball of defenses in the center. Players are compelled to make spammy all-in attacks because it is extremely difficult to counter that, especially without Spells or the variety of Heroes that players have access to in the Home Village.

2. Less-Rewarding

Supercell further says that the difficulties of attacking deftly are exacerbated by the fact that neither trying to attack deftly nor simply spamming things would yield any greater rewards. Every player in Versus Battles wins around 50% of the time due to the head-to-head aspect of the game. On playing exceptionally well, in the high 90s, players can lose only because their opponent got a perfect score.

In the following game, if the player scores a dismal 40%, they can still triumph since their opponent scored a worse 37%. The head-to-head matches’ level of randomness is immensely demoralizing. The current Builder Base does not make you feel more rewarded for playing well than you should.

3. Less-Convenient

Supercell has agreed that the Builder Base has become extremely inconvenient to play because of the great degree of randomness in winning/losing and a system that only rewards winning. Players have complained time and time again that it’s infuriating to have to wait for an opponent to finish their attack before you can launch another one.

Nevertheless, the Builder Base’s lack of army training hours is fantastic because it makes it much easier to stop by and play. It has been calculated that players need to play an average of 6 battles to get their 3 daily wins. Although it is much lesser time compared to the regular Home Village, players who may only have a limited amount of time indeed find it difficult to use the present Builder Base.

The Builder Base 2.0 Update will remove Versus Battles and improvise Defenses

With the upcoming Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update, Supercell plans to create a new Builder Base experience that current fans will appreciate more and will become more of the players’ favorite element of the game by enhancing the benefits and removing the drawbacks. One of the unique aspects of the Builder Base has always been its lesser emphasis and atmosphere compared to the Home Village and Clan Capital.

Image via Supercell

During Versus Battles, when players see an opponent town in Builder Base, they have just 60 seconds to prepare, think on their feet, pick an army, and come up with a plan. Although it is really satisfying when your strategy works out well, the players have to become comfortable with all the different tools in their toolbox in order to know which one to use and when.

Clash of Clans has always been about both construction and combat. Building a solid defense ought to be just as crucial as being an expert at fighting one way to three stars. While playing frequently in the Home Village, one can wind up doing more attacks than defenses, which makes defense seem less crucial than effective attacking. A solid defense is crucial in Builder Base since every attack launched results in an opponent’s defense.

Image via Supercell

People often do enjoy constructing the small Builder Base layout where every trap and defense placement matters, and during attacks, every troop you drop is important. And to bring back the glory days of the Builder Base, the team at Supercell has decided to abolish the Versus Battles. According to them, “there won’t be Versus Battles in Builder Base 2.0, we’ll have a different format for your regular day-to-day attacks.

Although the move might come as controversial to some as Versus Battles were adored by some players from the Clash Community, it was indeed true that the Builder Base has often been neglected by the developers and players alike and has failed to live up to its full potential. While the devs are yet to comment more on the changes coming with the Builder Base 2.0 update, it is expected the new additions will make the Builder Base again an involving and rewarding game mode to play in.

Are you excited about the changes Supercell is set to introduce in Clash of Clans with the upcoming Builder Base 2.0 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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