Clash of Clans Gold Pass July 2023 changes: Increased Price, Bank Capacity, and more

What's new in the Pass?

Clash of Clans has announced some Gold Pass changes starting July 1st, 2023, with the price of the Gold Pass increasing to a base of $6.99 (excluding local taxes or currency conversion rates). Despite the price increase, several new perks will be added to the Gold Pass, making it still the best value for progressing quickly in Clash of Clans. Let us look into the details.

Clash of Clans Gold Pass changes

More tiers are coming

The Gold Pass will now have 40 Tiers of rewards, allowing you to unlock more rewards, perks, and cosmetics more frequently. However, the number of points required to reach the last tier remains the same. Also, every month, the Gold Pass will include all 5 Runes as part of the reward track.

Clash of Clans Gold Pass
Image via Supercell

The Gem cost to complete each tier has been reduced from 100 Gems to 90 Gems per tier, making it more cost-effective to progress through the Gold Pass. The free Silver track rewards have been increased from 15 tiers to 20 free rewards, giving you more incentives and bonuses without purchasing the Gold Pass.

Builder Bank

A new feature called the Builder Bank is being introduced. It resembles the currently existing home village Season Bank. By performing Builder Base attacks, any Builder Gold earned will be added to your Builder Bank.

Season Bank builder Base
Image via Supercell

Additionally, any Builder Elixir earned from defending your Builder Base will also be added to the Bank. You can upgrade the storage capacity of your Builder Bank by unlocking tiers in the Gold Pass.

Season Bank Multiplier and Increased Capacity

The Season Bank for both your Home Village and the Builder Bank will each have its multiplier perk as part of the Gold Pass. Unlocking the Home Village multiplier perk will give you a 2X multiplier for your Season Bank while unlocking the Builder Bank multiplier perk will give you a 4X multiplier, allowing you to save up more loot each season.

The storage capacity of the Home Village Season Bank has been increased. The maximum tier now allows you to store up to 30M Gold, 30M Elixir, and 300K Dark Elixir. The breakdown is given below:

The max Season Bank storage capacity is now:

LevelGold CapacityElixir CapacityDark Elixir Capacity

Auto Forge Slot Perk

The Auto Forge perk has been added, which provides a new Forge slot when unlocked from the Gold Pass. This slot allows you to convert resources into Capital Gold, used for upgrading your Clan Capital, at a 50% reduced cost and without requiring an available Builder.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans July 2023 Gold Pass changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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