Clash of Clans June 2023 update: New Troops, Levels, Balance Changes, and more

What's coming next month?

Leaks are always exciting for a player to understand what’s coming next. Clash of Clans has major plans regarding the upcoming June 2023 update, and there have been some leaks regarding what’s coming next to the game. Clash of Clans has officially unveiled some interesting sneak peeks at the coming Clash of Clans June 2023 update where some interesting new troop levels, buildings, and more are on offer which we will find in this article.

New levels are added

The first and biggest news is that a few buildings, traps, spells, and troops are getting a level added to their existing maximum levels. This allows players to keep their interests intact and enjoy stronger levels of troops.


Here are the buildings that are getting to a new level.

BuildingLevelTH LevelDPSHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
Dark Barracks1013N/A95013d13M E
Eagle Artillery 615525145018d19.1M G
Hidden Tesla 1415160145018d19.1M G
Scattershot 415200510019d 12h21.3M G
Builder’s Hut 515135180014d 12h17M G

Scattershot, Hidden Tesla, and Eagle Artillery are getting new levels with Builder Hut Level 5 also being revealed sporting a great gold and blue. Barracks unlocking a troop might be a possibility as well. Alongside, Eagle Artillery will be getting a 160 increase in Shockwave Damage.


Two traps are getting an extra level, both at Town Hall 15. They are listed as follows.

TrapLevelTH LevelDPSUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
Seeking Air Mine515280010d10M G
Giant Bomb 91542512d10.5M G

Seeking Air Mines and Giant Bombs getting new levels added to the game is decent. Although they might most likely not come across as a major upgrade considering the stage, as it might unbalance the gameplay to a certain extent.


Like traps, two spells are getting Level 8 at Town Hall 15.

SpellLevelTH LevelUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
Clone Spell81517d 12h18M E
Skeleton Spell81517d 12h320K DE


troop levels added clash of clans
Image via Supercell

Troops are having a lengthier list here. Most of the Super Troops are getting some level upgrades, alongside the other troops. However, all these upgrades are for Level 15.

Troop/Super TroopLevelTH LevelDPSHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
Goblin 9157214617d16M E
Super Goblin 915180350N/AN/A
PEKKA 1015750720016d 12h18M E
Valkyrie 101523240017d320K DE
Super Valkyrie 10153503400N/AN/A
Healer 815N/A180017d18M E
Dragon 1015370480018d19.5 E
Super Dragon10154527100N/AN/A
Hog Rider 1215200120017d335K DE
Bowler 71511055017d 12h335K DE
Super Bowler 7152152200N/AN/A
Baby Dragon 915155200016d 12h18M E
Inferno Dragon 91585-17002300N/AN/A
Yeti 515310390018d19M E
Ice Golem 715N/A390017d335K DE

Well, it was due time that these troops get a level extra. Goblins are still maxed out at Level 8 while the Bowlers, Yeti, Headhunter, and a few others still are behind the maximum level numbers. However, there can be some changes in the balancing of the game once these levels are introduced, and we might get an extra level of upgrade in the lower Town Hall levels as well once the update is live.

Siege Machines

Siege Machines have become an integral part of attacks ever since it has been introduced. All the Siege Machines max out at Level 4, but according to the update leaks, the Wall Wrecker and Stone Slammer are getting levels added respectively. Both unlock at Town Hall 12, so it is interesting to see how things go.

New Siege Machines levels Clash of Clans June 2023 update
Image via Supercell

Wall Wrecker

TH LevelDPSHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
15450750016d 12h15M E

Stone Slammer Troop

TH LevelDPSHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
15750680016d 12h15M E


The pets are getting a good number of levels, but are going to be pricey as well.


LevelDPSHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
1125037008d250K DE
1226038008d260K DE
1327039008d270K DE
1428040008d280K DE
1529041008d290K DE

Mighty Yak

LevelDPSHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
1110057008d290K DE
1210458508d295K DE
1310860008d300K DE
1411261508d305K DE
1511663008d310K DE


Ending the long list of upgrades to levels is with the Heroes.

Archer Queen

LevelDPSHPAbility LvlUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
868643750178d352K DE
878683780178d354K DE
888723810178d356K DE
898763840178d358K DE
908803870188d360K DE

Royal Cloak gets a new ability level added, with the stats as follows.

Damage IncreaseHP RecoveryDurationNo. of Units

Barbarian King

LevelDPSHPAbility LvlUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
8664312.15K178d352K DE
8765112.3K178d354K DE
8865912.45K178d356K DE
8966712.6K178d358K DE
9067512.75K178d360K DE

Iron Fist at Level 90 of the King has been added, with the Level 18 stats of the ability as follows.

DPSHP RecoverySpeed IncreaseNo. of Units

Grand Warden

LevelDPSHPAbility LvlUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
613372660128d20.2M E
623402680128d20.4M E
633432700128d20.6M E
643462720128d20.8M E
653492740138d21M E

Alongside, his Eternal Tome ability also has a 9-second duration at Level 65.

Royal Champion

LevelDPSHPAbility LvlUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
36604448078d347K DE
37608451078d349K DE
38612454078d351K DE
39616457078d353K DE
40620460088d355K DE

Seeking Shield ability at Level 8 gets some improvements over DPS and HP.

DPSHP RecoveryNo. of Targets

New additions


Two new troops are coming with this update, Apprentice Warden and Super Hog Rider.

Apprentice Warden

The Master and the Apprentice! The new Warden is a Dark Elixir Troop that can be acquired at Town Hall 13 after upgrading your Dark Barracks to level 10, with a housing space of 20. Unlike his master, Apprentice Warden does not have an Air Mode, but he can achieve short bursts of elevation by jumping over and around Walls.

Apprentice Warden Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

Here are the stats of the new Warden:

TH LevelLevelDPSAura HP IncreaseHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
13218526%16509d180K DE
14320028%180016d 18h315K DE
15421530%195017d 12h340K DE

He has a magical Life Aura that buffs the hit points of the ground troops around him up to 7 tiles, kind of similar to the Warden. This aura does not stack with Grand Warden or other Apprentice Wardens. When multiple auras overlap, the strongest aura will always take priority.

Super Hog Rider

Well, we have a spectacular new reveal for this June 2023 update of Clash of Clans with the Super Hot Rider. Unlocking at Town Hall Level 13, he is a healthy upgrade to the Hog Rider but with a housing space of 12. The Defenses remain the Super Hog Rider’s preferred target.

Super Hog Rider
Image via Supercell

Here are the stats of the new super troop.

TH LevelTroop LevelHPDPS

There is something else that is “super” along with the Hog Rider. When Super Hog Rider is destroyed, both the Hog and the Rider split off and become separate units that continue to battle. The Hog will jump over Walls, targetting Defenses while the Rider will attack the nearest enemy Building.


new potions june 2023
Image via Supercell

The hype lies around the new potions and buildings that have surfaced, much to the curiosity of the players. Two new potions are coming with the Pet Potion and Builder Star Jar, which will be arriving in the game after the update.

Pet Potion

The Pet Potion is mainly directed to boost the upgrade speed of the pets in the home village for 1 hour. With a paw on the jar with a liquid potion inside, it is easy to differentiate from the rest of the existing potions.

Builder Star Jar

The idea behind the Builder Star Jar is to skip the cooldown on the Builder base star bonus to get a brand-new one. Well, it might not look like a potion as there are some star “cookies” (couldn’t coin a better term) inside, which is unique.

Balance Updates

Some balance updates will follow as well, with them listed below.

Troops and Heroes


  • Level 9 HP: 1200 → 1250

Super Miner

  • Level 9 HP: 3200 → 3500

Mountain Golem and Flying Fortress

  • Removed randomness from attack position selection of the troops in Clan Capital.

Grand Warden

  • Less likely to follow Barbarians & Archers.

Defenses and Buildings

Eagle Artillery

  • Less likely to target Healers.

Siege Machines

  • Troops will deploy from Siege Machines faster than before if there are many Troops embarked in them.

Rage Spell Tower

  • Reload time is increased by +20s.

Rage Tower

  • Damage buff is reduced 100% → 90%.


Poison & Invisibility

  • Reload time for these two Spell Towers is increased by +10s.

Additional Changes

Upgrades and Costs reductions

In the latest update, we will get to see some significant reductions to upgrade costs and times for Buildings, Traps, Troops, Siege Machines, and Spells. These reductions specifically target players at Town Hall levels 12 and 13, with reductions reaching as much as 25%. On average, players can expect a reduction of approximately 14% across all these upgrade costs and times.

Cancelling Super Troops

A new feature has been added that allows players to cancel any active Super Troops. If a player currently has an active Super Troop, they will notice a new button labeled Cancel. The player can cancel the active Super Troop by touching on the Cancel button. Once a Super Troop is deactivated, the player will be unable to train more of that particular Super Troop until it is reactivated.

Improved Hero Skins and Selection UI

New selection UI June 2023 clash of clans
Image via Supercell

The developers have implemented improvements to enhance the lighting and textures of the Hero Skins, resulting in additional details and sharper quality. Alongside these visual enhancements, the Skin selection screen has been improved to showcase the improved fidelity of the Skins. Sceneries now have a proper full-screen preview and can be purchased from the preview screen.

New League Hero Skins and Scenery

Four exclusive Hero Skins and a War Scenery are being added to the League Shop, which the players can purchase with their League Medals. Each Hero Skin, which represents a different League level, will cost 2000 League Medals and the War Scenery will cost 2400 League Medals.

The June 2023 update might have some changes anytime without any prior announcements, so it is best to stay tuned for the updates from Clash of Clans.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans June 2023 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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