Clash of Clans November 2022 Gold Pass season brings a new Pirate Champion skin

The November 2022 Gold Pass will have the Pirate Champion skin!

Clash of Clans introduces the Pirate Champion skin as a part of the November 2022 Gold Pass. The Pirate Hero Skins have been quite a fan favorite in the past Pirate King, Queen, and Warden skins and finally, the Royale Champion gets her own Pirate skin to complete the set.

In this latest look for Royale Champion, she is dressed as the captain of a voyage where the pirates sail on in her blue and gold attire. She carries the wheel of the ship itself as her shield, which she throws around as soon as her ability is invoked.

Clash of Clans November 2022 Gold Pass Season: Pirate Champion skin

Supercell completes the Pirate skin set with the new Royale Champion for this November’s Gold Pass season. In a Twitter post, Supercell displayed some of the elements of this skin and we finally got confirmation when leaks appeared online, showcasing the Royale Champion’s new look and attacks.

Looking skin at first glance, the Pirate Champion is dressed in blue and gold which fits her perfectly with blue being her default color scheme. She has upgraded from a Spear to a Silver metal on it to a Golden Spear and the Sheild to a Pirate Ship Wheel. The Pirate Champion spins her spear as usual and even has custom animations and sound effects on being knocked down.

Image via Supercell

While the Pirate Champion might not be an attractive cosmetic bonus aesthetic-wise, if you want to try out the Champion in its new persona you can always buy the Gold Pass, and don’t forget to use Creator Codes for your favorite content creators while making a purchase to support them along the way.

Clash of Clans November 2022 Gold Pass Reward Tiers

Additionally, the Gold Pass will feature additional in-game resources on both the Free and Premium sides for completing the seasonal challenges, with the Free side including:

  • 3000,000 Gold
  • 3000,000 Elixir
  • 30,000 Dark Elixir
  • 1000,000 Builder Gold
  • 1000,000 Builder Elixir
  • 3000 Capital Gold
  • Super, Hero, and Power Potions
  • Book of Heroes

Additionally, the Premium Paid users buying the Gold Pass will receive Training, Research and Builder Boost, and 1-Gem Donations along with:

  • Builder, Research, Hero, Resource, and Clock Tower Potions
  • Shovel of Obstacles
  • Book of Building, Book of Fighting, and Book of Spells
  • Rune of Gold and Elixir
  • Rune of Builder Gold
  • Rune of Dark Elixir
  • Wall Ring
  • 3000 Capital Gold
  • Pirate Champion Hero Skin
Image via Supercell

Additionally, with the Pirate Champion skin, Supercell also brings a special Pirate-themed scenery for the home base in the shop! Players can get a taste of the new scenery and watch all the hero skins in action in the newly introduced Pirate Challenge from the in-game events section.

What are your thoughts on the Pirate Champion skin coming to Clash of Clans with the November 2022 Gold Pass? Let us know in the comments below!

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