Clash of Clans to implement a weekly limit for resources in the Trader’s Raid Medal shop

A big blow for loot accumulators!

One of the best updates Clash of Clans brought to the game was the introduction of Clan Capital, which has been successful in attracting a lot of new players and also the old ones back. Raid Medals are a great rewarding system and many players have been using this to fill resources and reinforce troops. However, the recent announcement from Clash of Clans has stated that there will be a weekly limit for resources in the Trader’s Raid Medal shop using Raid Medals.

Players can only buy one instance of each Resource per week using Raid Medals

Raid Medals are a rewarding system that is earned during Raid Weekends and is awarded at the end of the Raid Weekend. Everyone who takes part in the Raid Weekend receives the same number of Raid Medals. Raid Medals can be spent on items from the Trader and can be used to bolster Clan Castles with troops, allowing players to effectively donate troops to themselves.

Clash of Clans Raid medals
Image via Supercell

The Raid Medals helped the players to accumulate loot and items quickly, and thus far was considered as a great rewarding system which also had the advantage of no limit of purchase. Sadly, Clash of Clans starting from March 28th will be implementing a resource purchase limit.

Clash of Clans will be limiting the number of resources that can be purchased weekly from the Trader using Raid Medals beginning March 28, Tuesday. Players will only be able to buy one instance of each Resource per week using Raid Medals. However, this change only affects Home Village and Builder Base resources, not Magic Items.

The change could be attributed to the players’ lack of regular raids

The reason for this change might be attributed to the lack of normal raids that the players do unless it is the Raid Weekend. It is no surprise that there are a lot of people who don’t raid much, become active during events, and only do upgrades with loot from Wars and Raid Weekends.

Clash of Clans Raids
Image via Supercell

Queries have been raised since the current limit to accumulate Raid Medals is 5000, and the daily limit removal might work against the players who farm a great number of medals. We can only know once the change arrives, and then see if there’s any impact.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans Raid Medal weekly limit? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Pls this update doesnt make sense,loot is the only thing i use raid to buy,if u remove this, then we will stop playing raid altogether because i see this as an act of wickedness.Must we pay real cash and buy loot😠.Im sure the only reason they did this is because they notice their regular purchases of loot with real cash has gone down and that was bad for business for them i guess.U might just scrap the whole raid thing while u are at cause at this point,its pointless no pun intended

Jeff castner

Yeah i too think it’s unfair to do helped me A lot in builder base to get my 6th builder and i still need this for my other accounts and they removed it’s really bad they decide to do this 

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