Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes: Quality of Life Changes, Balance Changes, Clashmas and more

Clashmas is arriving to Clash Quest

Clash Quest has brought the games’ December update which is focused on refining the gaming experience through quality of life improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes. The Clash Quest December 2021 Patch is a small update following the big November 2021 update. Here is the full patch notes breakdown of the Clash Quest December 2021 update.

Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes: Quality of Life Changes 

These are the following clan changes that will be brought to Clash Quest from the month of December 2021.

  • Clan Management gets easier as now players can sort clan members based on various in-game filters. Additionally, they can see which players are online/offline.
  • Attack Log: Players will now be able to see whether members have used their attack during the Clan League.
  • Clan League battle parity has been reduced to make the rewards and difficulty as close as possible. Single stage levels have been made easier and the points accumulated on a successful attack is increased by 25%. These are while, bonus points from dungeon challenges has been reduced by 35%.
  • Boss attacks have been made easier as the HP pool of bosses has been trimmed by 15%.
  • A cooldown timer indicating the remaining time a player can rejoin a clan from where he/she was kicked has been added.
  • Clan Challenge end screens now have different texts than the single player stages. Moreover, the Clan Challenge type is now shown with an icon on the Clan Map.
Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes
Attack Log and Online Status Indicator in Clans (Image via Supercell)

Other Quality of life changes

  • The first stage of every island has been made easier to make the exploration experience more enjoyable.
  • On clearing all challenges of an island, the chest that unlocks at the end will indicate whether it’s regular loot or an item/troop crate.
  • On getting a random magic item drop it will no longer show up as a crate to avoid confusion. Instead, a magic pouch will appear.
  • The magic item menu has been changed to grey out the magic items that players have not unlocked.
  • Regions that have not been unlocked yet will be covered by clouds.
  • Descriptions of some items have been changed to make them easier to comprehend.

Clashmas Offers

During the holiday season, players will be able to buy multiple items on a single purchase and get discounted gem rates for various items.

Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes: Balance Changes

To make the effects of fire consistent across all the crew members, three changes have been made to the fire effect that applies to all troops that can deploy fire using special items.

Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes
Baby Dragon and Wizard applying Fire (Image via Supercell)
  • Fire always applies on having the right item. For example, Bomb Miner’s Fire Bomb now has a 100% chance to apply fire.
  • The effect from fire lasts until the target is destroyed rather than a limited amount of turns.
  • Fire has a 50% chance to spread to enemy troops and defences for all crew members who can apply fire.

Fire Bomber: The attacks did not scale consistently and have been rebalanced to increase by 15% per level.


Bug Fixes

The game had some bugs that have irked the players. Almost all of them are fixed now. The bug fixes which will be fixed in the Clash Quest December 2021 Update are as follows:

  • PEKKA’s Defensive Blade will no longer yield extra gold.
  • Fixed minion explosive gloves doing wrong damage.
  • 4x speed retreat causing troops to not animate.
  • Fixed Charge and Rush not causing Bomb Miner’s bomb to explode.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the game from a Clan deep link.
  • Fixed an issue on Android devices when typing in Clan Chat, then trying to cancel resulted in a message being sent.
  • Numerous server-side bug fixes.
  • Fixed item power activation icons not showing for ground troops in attack previews.

Upcoming changes

Clash Quest has been in the beta phase in selected countries since April 2021. Supercell Games has added various social and strategic features to improve and expand the gameplay. Supercell always strives to make games, that will keep players engaged for years and follow this philosophy. Clash Quest aims to add more strategic depth and complexity to the game, adding new regions, items, enemies, and crew members. 

Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes
Concept of an underdevelopment region (Image via Supercell)

The video showcased some concepts that the team has been working on and are currently in the early stages of development. Players need to be wary of the fact these are still under development in the conceptual phase. There is no guarantee if they will make it to the game.

Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes
Concept Sketch of Mega Pekka (Image via Supercell)

Global launch date could arrive soon

Darian Vorlick, the community manager of Clash Quest also mentioned that although there is no specific date for the global launch, they are hoping that with each passing update they are taking one step closer to it. 

What are your thoughts on our Clash Quest December 2021 Update Patch Notes? Let us know in the comments below!

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