Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 update is bringing massive changes to the Clan War system

Supercell has been in the news recently ever since the company completed its 10-year journey of making games. One of its biggest hits among the five released games, Clash Royale, is getting a major boost with the addition of a completely reworked clan wars experience in the form of Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 update. This announcement was official on 3rd July 2020, released via their social media accounts. This is a new idea that was in the making since the start of this year.

Expected to be implemented with the next update in the game, the main intention is to attract more users and also keep the active players to engage more in the game with these massive changes. To give more information about the coming update of the Clash Royale Clan Wars 2, this piece will be helpful for those who are interested in this announcement. For more Clash Royale news and updates, feel free to explore our website.

Clash Royale Clan Wars 2: Announcement

Seth, from the Game Design team and Drew, the Community Manager gave us this exciting announcement of this massive change in the game. In them under 3-minute video, they gave a quick insight about the upcoming Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 update. However, complete information hasn’t been given, more news regarding the Clan Wars 2 will be available weeks before once they finalize the update.

What’s the new update all about?

The clan war system is revamped with clan members fighting a more competitive war rather than battling amongst each other. In this update, there will be clans competing for earning rewards in the form of a journey embarked on a boat, namely Clan Boats. While you have your competing clan members on board, you will follow the path to earn rewards for your clan and yourself. During the journey, there will be a bigger reward on every path marked. End of the journey, the winner will throw hands at even bigger rewards.

During the Clash Royale Clan Wars 2, you get to play brand new game modes in the form of Duels and Boat Battles.


Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 - Duels

This is a completely new system of battles. Here, you get face the opponent in a minimum of two matches, to a maximum of three. In simple explanation, this is in the Best-of-Three (BO3) format. Pick up your deck and then engage in a duel. First player of a clan to pick up two wins will be emerging victorious.

Boat Battles

clash royale boat battles, clash royale
Add upto 10 defenses for your boats
Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 - Boat Battles
Image of the Boat Battles in Clan Wars 2

Another new mode that is being added during the Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 update is the Boat Battles. It creates a Player vs Environment (PvE) matchup, which is first of its kind in Clash Royale. In this mode, the participating clans will setup their boats for battle, where they have to defend other clan attacks with the defense’s setup on their boats. The first look tells us that while one clan defends with their respective boats, the opponent clan will attack; and then exchange turns of attack and defend. Although, this can be confirmed in the next announcement, at the moment, just certain speculations.

Clan War Leagues

Clan War League in Clash Royale

At the end of the river, there is the Clan War leagues. You get to battle the top clans you are matched up against, where you battle them for winning the final phase of the Clan Wars. These will reward you more compared to the journey, and will bring your clan to glory.

Clan chat is getting a revamp

The announcement also included to make Clan Wars 2 given more prominence by integrating them to the Clan Chat. All events from the Clan Wars 2 will be updated as they continue. You can discuss about those events in the clan chat itself.

clash royale new clan chat, clash royale
updated clan chat UI of Clash Royale

The UI will receive a new look with fresh colors added to give it a new feel.

The Goal behind Clash Royale Clan Wars 2

1. Making all cards relevant

During this change, Seth and Drew mentioned how they wanted to change the game into using the entire structure it built upon, by first making all cards relevant. Its no yesterday news that players have adapted themselves to a particular deck or two, which is more of their personal preference. This will sideline the other cards as they are unused. For instance, a player will have 10-15 cards in his personal favorite deck, thus he finds it not important to use the other cards, thus applying a limit to his game versatility.

Thus, Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 update will look to eliminate this case, by allowing all your cards available to set your deck during Clan Wars. To advance through clan wars, players will use their own cards to build up to four different Clan War decks. These are used in Duels and Boat Battles. More the experiment you do, more the decks you master.

2. Clan Wars inclusive to all players

The regular wars were distinctly directed towards the higher rated and experienced players, and often would leave out the new players or the lesser experienced players. This way, all players participating will get equal share for their contributions, regardless what their levels are. This is designed to make clan wars the best place to earn rewards in the game.

3. Better Clan Experience

Another intention behind the Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 is that all the players get good benefits compared to the predecessor, the current Clan Wars system. Seth and Drew mentioned how the previous clan wars setup toughens up for low-level players to keep up with the rest of the clan because of the shared clan card collection. Clan Wars 2 will ensure all the players contribute equally to their respective clans.

Advantages of Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 update

Clan Wars 2 yields a lot of benefits compared to the previous clan wars:

Clash Royale Clan Wars 2
Choose your deck and play battles
  • A more rewarding update and also gives more rewards compared to any other mode of the game.
  • Puts an end to collecting cards, thus no more under-upgraded and limited choices available for battle. Options to use more cards from your collection.
  • More leaned towards including the less experienced players, equal opportunity to all clan mates, high or low.
  • More fun to play and it puts an end to the rigid structure of the previous clan wars.
  • Option to create more decks and can pick any deck before you start a battle.

Release date of Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 Update

The developers have not yet finalized the update. But we can expect a release around mid-August 2020 or around the month. It’s a work in progress for now, more details will be revealed once we get the complete information.

Official announcement from the Clash Royale YouTube

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