Clash Royale: Top 10 Most Annoying Emotes

Clash Royale has definitely a huge amount of Emotes, counting more than 100. However, some of them are extremely annoying, especially when your opponent uses them continuously. If you have ever wondered which are the top 10 Clash Royale Most Annoying Emotes, you should definitely read this article. Furthermore, please keep in mind that this list shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Clash Royale Emotes

1. The Screaming Hog

Clash Royale Screaming Hog

This particular emote is one of the most common in the game. This is a perfect emote for spammers due to the hog screaming at such a high pitched sound. Though you may not see this often nowadays, it was very popular when it was released. Despite one might hate it at first, after using it for a while it is very fun to use.

2. Electro Wizard Laugh

Clash Royale Ewiz Laugh

There’s definitely not much to say about The ElectroWiz’s obnoxious laugh. Consequently, every time you see this emote, you feel the urge to mute your opponent. Spamming it is a low blow for your adversary since the laugh is especially annoying,

3. Goblin Laugh

Clash Royale Laughing Goblin

Being just a bit less tedious than the Ewiz laugh, here’s the Goblin Laugh. His little green laughter is indeed one of the first emotes of the game. If you feel like mocking your opponent mistakes, he’s undoubtedly your mate.

4. Chicken’s Clucking

Clash Royale Chicken Clucking

You can easily obtain this exclusive emote by creating your supercell id. Consequently, everyone can remember that when it was released, the clan chats were flooded. Despite this, it is a very fun emote. If you feel like annoying your opponent, this emote is a particularly great pick.

5. Screaming Bandit

Clash Royale Screaming Bandit

This emote was one of the 3 prizes awarded to spectators of the 2018 Clash Royale world finals live on YouTube. Her nasty scream makes it unquestionably a good emote to irritate your opponents. Love or hate her, she’s indeed fun to use.

6. Burning Goblin

Clash Royale Burning Goblin

Born from an Internet meme, the burning goblin is particularly one of my favorite. It is not that offensive thanks to the wide variety of situations it fits. The opponent misplayed? Use this emote. You outplayed your opponent hard? Go Ahead. You got outplayed hard? Show your feelings with it. 

7. Screaming Royal Hog

cr emotes

Slightly similar to the hog screaming emote but with a lesser pitch, here’s an adorable screaming piglet. He’s cute, funny and moreover has good spam potential. He’s definitely a must if you feel like mocking in an adorable way.

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8. Roaring Barbarian

Clash Royale Roaring Barbarian

Nothing embodies the title Clash Royale most annoying emotes as this emote. The deep and loud roar makes this barbarian particularly irritating. If your opponent starts to use this emote repeatedly, you may certainly want to mute him for some peace of mind.

9. Crying Skeleton

Clash Royale Crying Skeleton

The Crying Skeleton is importantly one of the most annoying emotes ever created. The combination of high pitch sound and tearful eyes makes it my personal favorite choice for annoyance purpose. Beware of this emote, it’s unforgiving!

10. Dabbing Wizard

Clash Royale Dabbing Wizard

Last but not least, here’s a mocking Dabbing Wizard. He definitely makes the opponent enraged, especially after winning by a straw. Importantly, the small sound it makes is reason alone to buy this annoying emote.

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Final Verdict

Always remember to be kind to your opponents. Emotes are there to show your emotions during your games, so use them freely and have fun. Remember, someone may have a bad day and they are playing the game to relieve their stress, so you may want to send some heartwarming emotes like Kissing Princess to make them feel better. If your opponent is rude or is spamming, remember you can always mute emotes to avoid distractions. If you enjoyed this article maker sure to follow our site and join our discord.

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joe mama

I think the crying emote is annoying cause when my oponent wins, they mock me by putting the crying emote which makes me annoyed and frusturated.

Pussy licker

I definitely think the yawning princess is the most toxic emote.

Fernando Cortes

I just use the hammer crushing the crown when I win


The basic laughing king is the most painful

e wiz

one of the yawning emotes needs to be added on this list because of how annoying it can be

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