Clash Royale: Leaks suggest Royal Recruits Evolution card to arrive next season

The leaks look legit!

According to the recent leaks, all points hint towards the arrival of the Royal Recruits Evolution card in the upcoming season of Clash Royale. The Royal Recruits will be the seventh card in the game to join the Evolution card list if the leaks are true.

The Royal Recruits Evolution card reportedly comes with a charge ability

As part of the official Card Evolution update announcement, it was revealed that a new Evolved card would be introduced every month. Following this pattern, Season 51 of the game is set to welcome another addition. While there is ongoing speculation about the identity of the upcoming card, leaks strongly suggest the possibility of the Royal Recruits Evolution card making its debut.

In the leak shared on the r/ClashRoyale subreddit, it appears that the Royal Recruits Evolution card might feature a charge ability that could be activated within a single card cycle. The damage dealt is 296 at the initial level, which seems to be a bit okay. Charge damage could be either like you have Bandit or Ram Rider, but seems like it would be too powerful if not balanced correctly since there are six recruits.

It will mostly be implemented in a way that the charge can be countered via pushback apart from the troop/building distractions. The stats get a boost of course, while the attributes remain the same. Since there haven’t been any official announcements yet, it’s wise to approach this information with a bit of skepticism, although the leak looks legit.

However, the ongoing anticipation surrounding the potential Royal Recruits Evolution card leaks in Clash Royale is interesting. While we await official confirmation, it’s clear that players are eager to see what the upcoming Season update will bring, which will be arriving in the first week of September, which isn’t far.

What are your thoughts on leaks suggesting the Royal Recruits Evolution card to be arriving next in Clash Royale? Do let us know in the comments below!

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