Clash Royale Card Evolution update: Cards, Abilities, and more

Time for Evolution!

Clash Royale will be introducing the awaited Card Evolution update on June 19th, with some exciting features to come. The Season 48 Get Ready for Evolution June 2023 Update was also themed on the same, so the interest has been a lot more on what the new evolution cards have to offer in terms of gameplay.

Clash Royale Card Evolution update overview

Card Evolution is a system where the cards get evolved during the battles. These versions of cards will introduce exciting new attacks, allowing players to activate them during a battle by utilizing the original card.

Barbarian was the first card in the game that was announced to be getting a Card Evolution in June. He was followed by Larry the Skeleton, Firecracker, and finally the Royal Giant. All the posters teased what would have been a special ability to all of the cards, with the same pattern of posters.

Evolution Card Details

With this update, four specific cards will have the ability to unlock their evolutions and acquire unique special abilities. They are Barbarian, Firecracker, Skeleton, and Royal Giant.

Card Evolution Clash Royale cards
Image via Supercell


When they land a hit, it makes them angry. Angrier the Barbarians, the more damage they deal. Each hit boosts their Hit Speed & Movement Speed. This cycle repeats one time.


With each successful strike, a new Skeleton Evolution is summoned into existence. Up to a maximum of six skeletons are summoned in this process. The cycle of summoning repeats three times.


Equipped with upgraded weaponry, the Firecracker’s explosive sparks causes a boost in Area Damage and Damage per second. This cycle of explosive strikes repeats twice.

Royal Giant

The new evolved card of Royal Giant deals Recoil Damage when firing. This Recoil Damage pushes back and damages enemy Troops within radius for one cycle.

Activating Card Evolution

To unlock a Card Evolution, you must collect Evolution Shards specific to that card. Once unlocked, you can activate the card’s Evolution during a battle by placing it in your deck’s Evolution Slot. In order for the Evolution to activate, you need to play the card with an Evolution a certain number of times (cycles) which you can next deploy once its ready.

The Card Evolution will automatically perform upgraded attacks without the need to activate any special ability. After playing the Evolution, the normal card becomes available again, but you have to cycle it once more, depends on the number of cycles for a card, to activate the Evolution.

Evolution in Battles, Shards and Slots

Evolution in Battles

Evolutions have a distinct appearance with a purple icon next to their level. During battles, if a player has a Card Evolution in one of their Evolution Slots, they will notice Dark Elixir drops appearing on top of the card in their hand. The number of drops represents the number of times the card needs to be played before the Evolution can be activated.

Once the card has been played the required number of times, all the Dark Elixir drops will be filled, indicating that the card’s Evolution is ready to be played. This can be noticed by the opponent as well. The next time the player plays the card, the Evolution will be activated. After the Evolution is played, the card reverts back to its default state, and the cycle begins again.

Evolution Shards

Evolution Shards or Evo Shards in short, is a card system that will help the player to unlock the Card Evolution. To do the same, you need to gather 6 Evolution Shards specific to that card. Once you’ve obtained all the Evolution Shards required, the Evolution for that card will be unlocked and available to use.

There are various ways to obtain Evo Shards, which are given below.

  1. Pass Royale: You can acquire Evo Shards via Pass Royale, which becomes accessible at King Level 7.
  2. Season Shop: Evo Shards are available for acquisition in the Season Shop, which becomes accessible at King Level 8.
  3. Challenges: Participating in challenges offers opportunities to earn Evo Shards.
  4. The Shop: Evo Shards may be purchasable directly from the in-game Shop.
  5. Path of Legends: Evo Shards can be obtained by progressing through the Path of Legends.
  6. Level-up Chests: After reaching King Level 50, every second Level-up chest grants Evo Shards as reward.

There are also Wild Shards, which allow you to add a single Evo Shard to a card of your choice. This resource can be utilized not only for the evolution of a card but also to unlock the initial Evo Shard for any card that has an available Evolution. You can get Wild Shards either from Season Shop or in-game Shop.

Evolution Slots

Evolution Slots incorporate the Evolution Cards, which the player uses to activate a card’s evolution in Battle. The first Evolution Slot unlocks at King Level 7. To incorporate a Card Evolution into a deck, the player needs to assign the card with the unlocked Evolution to an Evolution Slot in their deck.

Evolution Slots in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

If the card is placed in any other slot within the deck, it will function as usual, and the Evolution feature will not activate when the card is played. Also, the makers have mentioned that additional slots may be introduced in the future as more Card Evolutions become available.

Evolutions in Game Modes

There are certain ways how the Evolutions will work in the game. So, for different game modes (apart from (Classic/Grand Challenges which will not have Card Evolutions available), the way of utilizing Card Evolutions will undergo changes, which are explained below.

In both 2v2 and Duel Decks gameplay modes, players now have the ability to utilize Evolutions by assigning them to their own Evo Slots. When it comes to Events, the availability of Evolutions depends on the type of event being played.

In events that utilize the player’s collection, players have the freedom to incorporate Evolutions into their decks. On the other hand, events that use a preset event deck will have a predetermined number of Evo Slots and Evolutions that players can access.

Similarly, Event Challenges also present different scenarios. When Event Challenges make use of the player’s collection, players can use Evolutions with their own Evolution Slots, enabling them to utilize their evolved cards. However, for Event Challenges that utilize an Event Deck, the number of Evo Slots and Evolutions that can be used will be defined by the challenge rules.

Additional Changes

Along with game improvements and bug fixes, there have been some interesting additions to the game in this update, explained below.

Trophy Road Extension

Trophy Road Extension
Image via Supercell

In response to player demand for additional content and rewards, Clash Royale has introduced three new Arenas to the Trophy Road. Alongside these newly added Arenas, which may be familiar to some players from past Seasons, an expansion to the total Trophy cap has been implemented, raising it to a maximum of 9000 Trophies.

New King Levels and Tower Power

With the introduction of 20 new King Levels, King Level 70 has become the highest level attainable. Furthermore, the introduction of King Level 54 brings the unlocking of Tower Power 15. This enhancement grants players’ towers increased stats in Damage and additional Hitpoints.

Elite Levels

Well, all know how big of a debate the announcement of Level 15 cards in the game sparked, and they have finally arrived. To upgrade from Level 14 to Level 15, there will be no need for Gold to upgrade cards to Level 15, unlike previous levels. Instead, once a card reaches Level 14, any additional cards of the same type that are obtained will be converted into Elite Wild Cards.

Elite Cards in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

We have a detailed guide for the Elite Card levels on how players can level up cards to Elite Level 15 along with the conversion rates, so players might understand in detail.

New Mastery Tasks and updated Rewards

Players who are fond of Mastery Tasks might find this interesting. Because Clash Royale has implemented a third mastery task for the following cards which will allow the players to earn some exciting and ‘updated’ third-stage mastery task rewards.

  • Royal Giant
  • Battle Ram
  • Battle Healer
  • Electro Wizard
  • Balloon
  • Musketeer

After receiving feedback from the community, players will now be rewarded with Gold instead of receiving Gems as a reward for the final stage of a card’s second Mastery Task. There have been changes implemented, which are described below.

  • Common: 300 Gems to 5000 Gold
  • Rare: 300 Gems to 9000 Gold
  • Epic: 300 Gems to 15000 Gold
  • Legendary: 300 Gems to 18000 Gold
  • Champion: 450 Gems to 25000 Gold

More Gold and More Chests

In response to player feedback, the ability to earn Crowns and chests from Events has been reinstated. This was bound to happen after the backlash the team received following the removal of the chests in the last March 2023 update.

The availability of Gold, including various types such as Free Chests, Crown Chests, and Chests obtained from battles, will now contain three times the amount of Gold compared to before the update.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

The update has also come with some improvements and bug fixes.

  • Play Again button in 2v2 Events is brought back.
  • The Events tab will be highlighted if there is a new Event Challenge.
  • The Events tab will auto-scroll to a new Event Challenge the first time it is available.
  • Changed Events tab UI so that Event Challenges are more visible.
  • Unclaimed Pass Royale rewards can be claimed from the previous Season.
  • Fixed major and minor existing gameplay, UI, and VFX issues.

A new update video featuring the Barbarian is out

With bringing back the popular Slash Royale event and also the Raffle Royale live till June 19, both newcomers and returning players will have the fantastic opportunity to upgrade their cards at a significantly reduced Gold cost.

To celebrate the new feature, Clash Royale has released a Barbarian-themed video with music from Tenacious D on June 15. The video featured Tenacious D’s hit “Rize of the Fenix,” with its frantic and energetic riff that captured the fury of an angry barbarian in action.

With the new update, the strategic meta of Clash Royale will undoubtedly undergo a dramatic shake-up, which opens up more unique matchups and card combinations. With more Evolved cards coming every month, it will be interesting to see how things will change in the game.

What are your thoughts on the Card Evolution update in Clash Royale? Do let us know in the comments below!

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